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Starbound Side Stories 1.99

Adds new locations on planets and quests to existing dungeons.

  1. Ancient Dungeons and more!

    Hey everyone, first update for the mod, woo hoo!

    - Added six variations of the ancient dungeon. These dungeons are protected, will appear on every planet type except water ones (but will on moons!), and require a certain tech to get through. You might have to use morphball, blink, rocket boots, bubble bounce/double jump, strong combat skills, or your boat. Right now you get a tech chest, but in the future they'll lead you to a challenge gate. This was made to invoke a feeling of Metroid, where you'll remember this planet because you don't yet have the tech for it, so hopefully you'll book mark it.
    - Added the following NPCs with two quests each (these will be expanded upon in the next update:
    Glitch Village Guard in Glitch Villages
    Hylotl found in random igloos on cold planets
    Apex researcher found in Apex towns
    Avian village guard in Avian villages
    A mushroom friend in mushroom villages
    Floran advisor to the village chief in Floran villages
    Rich Avian merchant in those little Avian caves you randomly find

    So yeah, the next update will be expanding on these quest lines so that they're similar to the other quest lines. Hope you all enjoy!
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