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Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5

Fixes hundreds of typos, incorrect item properties, texture issues, and even some rare crashes.

  1. Update 1.5.5

    The Electric Skimbus no longer has a half missing frame.

    The Quagmutt hunting table action figure drop assignment now points to a valid object.

    The Grappling Hook now uses the correct tooltip type.

    The Standard Issue Armchair and Primitive Armchair now have cover layers.

    Several small versions of ships used in the intro cinematic had erroneous extra pixels removed.

    The Hylotl Curator's species specific dialog now works.

    Tonauac and Baron now use species specific interaction dialog...
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  2. Update 1.5.4

    The Electric Yokat no longer dies when hitting a wall.

    The Solus Katana Mech Arm can now be used in places with gravity.

    Snowmen now drop the correct type of wood when broken.

    Volatile Powder now has a pixel value.

    Shepherd's Pie has a longer effect duration matching similar foods.

    The Toymaker's Table name is now colored like other crafting station names.

    The Triplod head hurt frame no longer has holes in it.

    Supernova Gauntlets now align with their attack VFX slightly better.

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  3. Update 1.5.3

    Reversed hurt and blink eyes on the Nutmidge and Toxic Nutmidge were corrected.

    Dye Remover now has a pixel value that matches regular dyes.

    The Peacekeeper Emblems now have distinct icons.

    The Protectorate Radio icon colors were changed to match its own.

    The Terrifying Eye Hat icon outline was shifted over by one pixel so it does not get cut off.

    Erroneous jagged lines with a high alpha value were removed from the songbook scroll background.

    A typo in the upgrade GUI preventing...
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  4. Update 1.5.2

    Seemingly random black pixels have been removed from the teleport cinematics.

    The Armored Cultist/Cultist General set had missing icons, incorrect values, and several other issues fixed.

    The eyebrows of the Apex on the Calming Poster are no longer the default color seen on the Apex sprite sheet.

    The volcanic chest treasure pool is now used where it was intended, rather than the volcanic treasure pool.

    Some safeguards against crashes have been added to the techupgrade.lua file.

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  5. Update 1.5.1

    Several more typos were fixed.

    Some references to cut lore were removed thanks to Armok.

    The Swansong fight hat timers added to some attacks so they would not get stuck thanks to Kherae.

    Several more UI and menu issues were fixed thanks to Silver Sokolova.

    The Fire Resist Augment texture has been shifted one pixel over so it is aligned correctly in EPP tooltips.

    The Electric Resistance buff icon has been updated to use the newer Electrified debuff icon as a base.

    Apex City...
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  6. Update 1.5.0

    This update is effectively a total remake of the patch project from the ground up. Every single change has been re-evaluated to ensure it is working as intended.

    Dozens more creatures, including every netable insect, now have names and descriptions. Farm animal descriptions even say what items they will produce.

    A few monster drop pools have been correctly assigned.

    Several more missing and placeholder inventory icons have been added or replaced.

    Missing drop shadows, badly offset shine...