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Starbound Patch Project 1.5.5

Fixes hundreds of typos, incorrect item properties, texture issues, and even some rare crashes.

  1. Update 1.5.4

    The Electric Yokat no longer dies when hitting a wall.

    The Solus Katana Mech Arm can now be used in places with gravity.

    Snowmen now drop the correct type of wood when broken.

    Volatile Powder now has a pixel value.

    Shepherd's Pie has a longer effect duration matching similar foods.

    The Toymaker's Table name is now colored like other crafting station names.

    The Triplod head hurt frame no longer has holes in it.

    Supernova Gauntlets now align with their attack VFX slightly better.

    The Copper Goggles icon correctly shows dyes.

    The Feather Headband icon better reflects what the item actually looks like.

    The Tungsten Axe no longer has a stray pixel.

    The food inventory tab icon now moves like other tabs when pressed.

    Several more items now have a valid category.

    The Refinery and Pet Healing Station interfaces now have proper shine layers.

    Several sprites with breaks in their outlines have been fixed.

    Many more typos were fixed.

    Re-introduced the fix for untiered upgradeable crafting stations not always stacking.
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