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Outdated STARBOUND: New Origins ENRAGED | 0.5d

A Non Linear Total Conversion of Starbound

  1. myomi13
    Version: ENRAGED | 0.5d
    This mod has a lot of potential. I love the loot system,the combat tweaks and the general focus on exploration. That being said, the research system while a neat concept, is chaos. You either need a good readme, an ingame codex or some sort of way to steer players in the right direction. I spent hours playing with this mod and while exploring was fun and I got some mad loot, I still haven't even gotten a pickaxe. I just got planks maybe an hour ago, and that took stripping a village of its planks just so i could make a hoe. I could be playing wrong, but I wouldn't know it without some guidance. It's sad I really like this mod's content, but trying to figure out how to get the most basic items makes it tedious and unplayable. I really hope you make a guide at least because this mod is awesome, a maze of trying to figure out "why can't i craft this", but awesome.
    1. The | Suit
      Author's Response
      Hah - Aye. One thing many complain about is the complexity. I really should add a codex book to explain the initial skills a bit more. But thanks, I shall look into correcting it - when the nightly goes stable.
  2. caos
    Version: ENRAGED | 0.5c
    very nice
  3. jayer31889
    Version: ENRAGED | 0.4
    havnt played this since furious koala, pretty excited to see what all's new since then ^_^ from what I know before, it's been coming along awesomely!! I love the new aspect of gameplay, the vanilla gameplay was kinda...boring lol. Also, in regards to vanilla, i know the whole game will be different upon release! As far as this mod goes, GREAT idea, looking forward to seeing its completion!! (Hoping all my other little mods are compatible :-\) Lol
  4. John in the 713
    John in the 713
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.3
    A welcome change and challenging! Very enjoyable.
  5. DJ_Razzleberry
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.3
    Fantastic mod. My friends and I are loving it; gives the game more depth and makes monster killing worthwhile. Please continue on with this mod.
  6. etherealblade
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.3
    I love this. Please continue on this wonderful endeavor
  7. Reactorcore
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.3
    This right here is how vanilla Starbound should be. No progression is best progression, just let it all be natural.
  8. Mö-WLP
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.2
    I like this mod, but i can't craft the "Armor Smithing Tier 01" ( I need a perfectly generic item to craft it) and the "Crafting Tier 02" (because i need "crafting tier 02" for crafting "Crafting Tier 02" Lol craftception xD)
  9. SpaceMutt
    Version: FURIOUS | 0.1
    This, a million times this.
    One reason Terraria got old is all it ever was is an unending gear-treadmill to the end of the game.
    You want a game where you can explore thousands of worlds? Give people rewards for exploring!