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Outdated Starbound+ Modkit <= Spirited5 Nyaa

Stretches the playtime and extends endgame.

  1. Kayuko
    !!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!

    In case you used this mod before, or even if you didn't, here are 2 important things:

    The new udpate requires you to delete your universe folder completely. Your game will most likely crash if you don't.

    Second, upon generating a new universe, be patient! There are criterias to be met for the starter-system, due to all biomes being available at all difficulty levels it WILL take a while (may take up to 10 minutes) to create a new universe.
    THIS IS A ONE TIME THING! Once it's generated it will load normally.

    Known compatibilities:


    Important notice:

    The new way SB+ will work is pretty simple - you choose what you get, instead of being forced to use everything. I made a whole list of things that I want to change or add (I read a lot of threads in the suggestion section).

    So you'd sooner or later end up with features you don't want, but in case you don't want to lose other features of the mod, this system allows you to leave some things out.

    Just unrar the downloaded package and copy the files you want to have into your "/giraffe_storage/mods" folder. Below is a description on which mod does what exactly.

    SB+ Base (v1.1)

    All biomes are now available within all threat levels
    Adds threat level 6-10
    Weapon balancement measures
    Boosted chest spawnrate (0.001 -> 0.002) [only on surfaces, for reasons]
    Diamonds refining value boosted (150 -> 350)
    Adds new Ores

    Adds new Crafting Tables
    Adds new Refined Alloys
    Adds a few questchanges regarding SB+ Custom Armors
    Adds a new Suit, protection from any and every hazard.
    Changed the starterquests, making intern stellar travel immediately available.

    SB+ Backitems (v1.0)

    Adds a custom glow to all vanilla backitems.

    SB+ Outpost (v0.45)

    Adds a new outpost, visit the Arc-Warpgate to learn more.
    Adds some new quests (in the new outpost)
    Adds three new devices, related to SB+ Armorchips

    NOTE: Requires SB+ Base to work.

    SB+ Mining (v0.8)

    Adds new Mining Tools
    Boosts vanilla mining tools a lot

    NOTE: Requires SB+ Base to work.

    SB+ Armorchips (v1.0)

    Removes vanilla and SB+ custom armors.
    Adds 3 Statbased Tier-Tokens
    Adds Full Tier Tokens
    Adds Ability Cards
    Rebalances Tier-to-Basestat values
    Adds 3 new crafting tables, required to experience this mod to it's fullest.

    NOTE: Requires SB+ Base to work.

Recent Reviews

  1. ceoceopath
    Version: <= Spirited5 Nyaa
    because why not?
  2. Preacher
    Version: <= Spirited5 Nyaa
    Just because I like it, ;P
  3. Deerdancer
    Version: <= Spirited5 Meow Edition
    This mod broke all vanilla quests
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      The discussion-forum is there for incompatibility-issues, suggestions and critics.
      But if that's your final review, it's your opinion after all, thanks for the review regardless. :P
  4. TheBigBlueSerpent
    Version: <= Spirited v5 (0.4-1.1)
    Amazing mod! Keep up the great work! ^ u^
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      Oh well, thanks for the review. :3
      Once I've got a lil' time on my hands to test your mods I'm gonna drop you some too. :3
  5. haynesy566
    Version: Upb - Spr4 [MEOW]
    AMAZING MOD Keep up the good work hope this is still available in future updates
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      Well, I hope so too. :3
      And thanks! x3
  6. jesuse
    Version: Upb - Spr4 [MEOW]
    Awesome mod!
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :3
  7. Mr_Ramych
    Version: [0.35-0.85 Stable]
    It will be cool if you you add information about version of game this modpack is made for.
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      It works with everything Upbeat and up, so I thought it unnecessary, but I can add it the next patch (should be today), I need to add more info overall anyways.
  8. thedissconfetti
    Version: [0.35-0.85 Stable]
    Works perfectly! Concept is executed beautifully, very true to the Starbound "style", and provides a plentiful assortment of kick-ass-ary to end-game players. Thank you for taking the time to update this mod.
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      Wow, thanks for the review. :x
      Didn't know something made out of boredom could get this popular.
  9. RedstoneFox
    Version: 0.35 - 0.85 [Stable]
    I find that this mod sounds fun, but I'm unable to use it, as it keeps giving me a "Star Exception" error each time I try to load the game.
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      Next time please try the discussion instead of the review first, this error is solved now. :P
  10. Zymmer
    Version: [Unstable]
    Ok, so upon looking at the mod, I thought it would have been fantastic, adding quite a bit of content. However, downloading the most recent version causes Starbound to crash on startup every time (the logs say it cannot load a file about a lantern stick, and old plants). So I decided to download the previous updated versions, hoping they would work, but they did not :(
    1. Kayuko
      Author's Response
      I can fix the thing about the lantern and stuff (was in a hurry yesterday and couldn't test it).

      What does it say for the previous versions tho? They worked just fine for me. And while we're at it, just to clear this up, which mods do you use besides SB+? Maybe some collide, I could take a look into that, too.