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[Starbound 1.4+] Playable Fenerox! 1.8.0 + 2020-07-31

Makes the adorable Fenerox species, playable!

  1. Update for 2016-06-27

    - Added a bunch of Fenerox ship items (No visual change)
    - Added a bunch of placeholder hair
    - Added primary, secondary, and hair colors
    - Added Protectorate shirts to starter armor selection
    - Tweaked eye shine ever-so-slightly, so secondary colors wouldn't change it
    - Tweaked white primary color ever-so-slightly, so secondary colors wouldn't change it
  2. Update for 2016-06-26

    Patch notes:

    - Added character creation menu icons
    - Changed teleport cinematic

    I am now mostly back, so tomorrow will most likely be spent on working on ship objects, AI, and the character selection screen description.