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Star Wars: Leia Organa, Weapons & More One with the Force

Journey through galaxies far, far away as Leia Organa, with classic weaponry and familiar furniture

  1. Remembering a Warrior Princess

    I'm sure all who have downloaded this mod have by now heard of the tragic loss of the actress who gave Leia life, actress Carrie Fisher, as well as the passing of her iconic mother a day later. As someone who has loved and been inspired by her and her character since I was a small child, I have been deeply affected by Carrie's passing. I always hoped that I would meet her some day and tell her what she and Leia meant to me all my life. After mourning for a while, I realized that all those whom we love and are inspired by in life will forever live within each of us, and they'll never be forgotten. Although it doesn't take away the entirety of the sadness of loss, it does give ya strength in knowing they're right there with you :)

    This update contains a change to Leia's lightsaber. When it's swung with it's regular attacks, the saber swoosh looks more like an actual lightsaber's swoosh with a wider beam. It's alt ability has also been changed to mimic the double jump attack moves from the Super Star Wars games of the 90s. The change has *not* been applied to the Sith saber as of yet, but it will be with the next update. Special thanks to mastercookie who allowed me the use of code to create the new alt ability in this manner!

    Also with the next update, I'm aiming to honor Carrie and Leia by adding new outfits, most of which I designed for her on paper six years ago, as well two outfits I teased here before.

    I am happy that people are still enjoying this mod, whether you're a fan of Leia or not. It means a lot to share this hero with all of you through my art, so keep traversing the stars as our brave Princess/Senator/General/Jedi.

    May the Force be with you all ^_^
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