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Star Wars Community Mod 6.1

Star Wars Mod with Community Additions!

  1. New Tenants + Codex

    Various guard tenants, Jedi guards and tuskan raiders.

    New codex to help remember how to spawn tenants.

    /spawnitem swdiary-codex

    New characters start out with it.
  2. Raid Update

    The Empire will now raid villages and other NPC areas! Look for stormtroopers, imperials, sandtroopers and snowtroopers attacking NPC villages! Oh NOES!
  3. Lightsaber fixes + fan art

    Fixed lightsaber issues where crafting one wasnt granting recipe for next tier.

    Added some art from Robur Velvetclaw - Awesome desert speeder art, SWG crafting station art, and land speeder art
  4. Changes..Changes...Changes!

    Need feedback on the Tiers of guns. Let me know if some seem OverPowered or UnderPowered.

    you can now recruit Sith, Jedi, Stormtroopers, and 2 Imperial's to your crew!

    Made E11 Blaster Rifle smaller as per request.

    Moved everything to the basic SWM Crafting Station so I wont clutter the empty hand crafting menu. From the SWM Crafting Station you can craft all the other stations and shops.
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  5. Streamline Update

    Some changes were made, so the tier'd armor wasn't so easily attainable. This was a request by the community. Here is how to get started with the mod, earning weapons and armors.
    Build SWG Crafting Station. Craft Decor from the mod. Decorate houses and put up colony deeds. Earn Galatic Credits from mod tenants. Craft Bazaar Terminal and Dragons Arms. Go to the SWG Crafting Station and craft the tier unlock tokens. Each one unlocks a tier of weapons and armors. Spend your Credits at the...
  6. Quest Removal

    Removing Quest from the game, when uninstalling, the mission on SAIL cause you to be unable to open SAIL
  7. Vehicle Update

    Added X-Wing, A-Wing, Millennium falcon, Naboo Starfighter, Bantha Mount and S.T.A.P.

    A lot of these still need tweaking for weapons, but I wanted to go ahead and get the update out, get some feedback on them.

    Changed Stormtrooper armor. Needs more work done too it.
  8. Fixes + additions

    Some of the armor wasn't showing on the Bazaar, fixed that.

    Added Kylo Ren's Armor to T6 tab.

    Added Crosshilt Lightsabers, you learn them the same time you learn the regular and doublebladed lightsabers.

    If you have already done the quest to get the lightsabers, and the new ones aren't showing, follow these steps.

    /spawnitem SWMyounglingcrosssaber-recipe

    As requested, added the option to "reroll" lightsabers. If you get a hilt/blade combo you do not like, you should be...
  9. Clean up

    Bazaar Terminal enabled.
    Arms Dealer enabled.

    Added different tiers for all melee/ranged weapons and moved them to the Arms Dealer, a placeable object/store.

    Moved all armors to the Bazaar Terminal.

    Both are crafted in the open hand menu, all armors and weapons now cost republic credits. Earn them by having Star Wars Mod tenants.
  10. Upload didn't work

    Sorry, for some reason the last upload didn't work correctly. Thank you to Asterio for pointing it out.

    This upload should fix the quest line.