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Star Wars Community Mod 7.3

Star Wars Mod with Community Additions!

  1. Streamline Update

    Some changes were made, so the tier'd armor wasn't so easily attainable. This was a request by the community. Here is how to get started with the mod, earning weapons and armors.
    Build SWG Crafting Station. Craft Decor from the mod. Decorate houses and put up colony deeds. Earn Galatic Credits from mod tenants. Craft Bazaar Terminal and Dragons Arms. Go to the SWG Crafting Station and craft the tier unlock tokens. Each one unlocks a tier of weapons and armors. Spend your Credits at the Bazaar Terminal and Dragons Arms Dealer.

    If you want purely cosmetic gear, with no stats, go to the SWG Crafting Station and build Cosmic Cosmetics. All Tier'd armor is there, but with no stats. Hopefully this helps with people who just want the appearence, and people who want to earn stat gear. The mod's stat gear will be easier to obtain, since it uses credits earned from tenants. All you have to do is craft the unlock token.

    Added Luke Skywalker Armor
    Added Plo Koon Armor
    Added Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Armor
    Added Unlock Tokens for Tier'd armor and weapons
    Added Glowrods
    Added Republic Credits to basic monster drop pool
    Added Kyber Rock formation to underground biome spawns
    Added Alternate Boba Fett armor and blaster
    Added Cosmetic Store for statless versions of armors

    REMOVED the quest, if you uninstalled the mod, it causes your to be unable to open SAIL.

    Left a fix for people who want to keep the mod though, the SAIL mission is still there, it just sends you to the mining facility, hopefully.
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