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Star Trekkers 2.8

Species and items from the Star Trek universe

  1. Added items

    Bioluminescence Mk 1-3

    as per Lord Humungus request to bring back natural player light

    Phaser Mk 4-10 <--- Starfleet only atm
    Underarmor 4-5 <--- Starfleet only atm

    as per kyajin22 note of weak guns
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  2. Modpak Correction...Sorry Yall

    Modpak Correction...Sorry Yall
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  3. Starfleet ONLY Menu Fixes and Experimental Item Progression

    Starfleet ONLY Menu Fixes and Experimental Item Progression

    also added some items

    this is just where im thinken ima head with the items and such let me know what you think on discussions or if you love it RATE IT!!
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  4. Nother Bug Squashey

    You are now free to craft your tech!!
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  5. Outpost Bug Fix

    you may now quest again!
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  6. NPC Fix/Crafting Panel Upgrade

    Fixed the NPCs for each race and the federation
    only Villagers atm but more to come

    Also a made crafting panel iterface for each race
    the buttons suck atm but they will get better

    Ferengi armor bug im tracking atm
    sorry they dont show up correctly
    the sprites suck atm anyway lol
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  7. Comparability Fix & NPC Spawner Removal

    Comparability Fix & NPC Spawner Removal
  8. Compatability Fix

    Compatability Fix
  9. Npc,items,stuff

    added some things took a small amount out but nothing should impact game play to major
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  10. Bug fixes

    added pak.modinfo
    Guards are labeled and spawn correctly
    as do the Ferengi Merchants