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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Update 3

    Changes added by 2.x Patches:
    - Energy pickaxe changed to Separator item
    - Various in-mod selling and food exploits fixed
    - Various files optimized for better compatibility
    - Various spelling and grammar fixes

    Changes added by Update 3:
    - EPPs provide individual non-shared protections
    - Backpacks that should provide air actually do (ex. Oxygen Tank)
    - Wings provide jump boosts equal to an augment
    - AA Battery Pack adds additional energy capacity
    - Toxic Flower Backpack will block poison effects
    - Toxic Waste Backpack is more dangerous then ever
    - Medic Backpack gives a small regeneration effect
    - Fishaxes have a new pickup radio message
    - Hoverbikes hover much better and usually won't cause fall damage
    - Some outpost shops renamed to be more unique
    Backpack items will have NO EFFECT if worn in the cosmetic slots!
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