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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Update 5 - A Responsible Update

    The mod has become open source and moved to github!
    Quick summary of highlights in this update:
    • Tabula Rasa integrations
    • Items with no interaction or placement ability moved to materials tab
    • Glow effects reworked for better ambient lighting
    • Learn any race's flag by picking it up
    • Flashlight beams are almost identical to the scanner's light
    • A lot of 'spooky' things are more serious again
    • Major cross-mod compatibility pass
    • Vending machines don't buy things from you
    • Peacekeeper shop items moved to places that make more sense
    • Fake ship licenses are 50% more expensive
    • Ore values are approximately 4x higher
    • Ursa Miner sells radioactive rods usable as ship fuel
    • Teleporters require cores AND relevant materials
    • Five new otherwise unobtainable sets in Frogg Furnishings
    • 49 more unused items sold at the outpost
    • Spike Sphere seriously for real this time won't fall off things
    • Tech missions have more reasonable requirements
    • Higher tier mech bodies are more energy efficient
    • Ship lockers make food rot 80% slower
    • The orange stimpack returns
    • Mining tools can be made at an Agricultural Station
    • 62 more unused items made craftable
    • Stimpacks moved from the Medical Station to the Apothecary
    • Too much more to list...
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