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Spooky Tweaks 1.5

Funbalancing the entire game through massive amounts of changes! Still removable mid-game.

  1. Update 1

    Changes added by Update 1:
    - No more startup animation
    - Play modes are now NORMAL, EXPERT, and HARDCORE
    - 66 new facial emotion triggers for chat
    - Portable Pixel Printer is back
    - New Shop: Unapparent Apparel - Selling decorative hats (hidden in The Outpost)
    - Translocator, Fishaxe, and Super Fishaxe added to Treasured Trophies
    - Infinity Express sells six new novelty items
    - Radio messages don't provide constant arbitrary praise
    - Rocket Spear ability rebalanced to be a better mobility tool
    - Final mission reward bag provides incredible loot
    - Shockhopper can drop a trophy
    - Outpost clues now include all formally clueless shops
    - Protector's Broadsword buffed to compete with unique weapons
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