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Outdated Sparkz v2.1d

A fresh variety of wired objects: sensors, displays, numeric logic, scanners, printers, and more!

  1. fix for layerswap.lua

    ...and now the layer swapper DOES properly drop blocks that can't be placed. Some day I'll get this release right...
  2. 2.1c - more bug fixes and improvements

    -fixed a lot of bugs with data transfer and validation between memory cells, layer swappers, scanners and printers. these objects should now connect much more reliably
    -made block printers overwrite blocks (including empty space)
    -made block printers no longer drop tiles that cannot be placed
    -block scanners and block printers can now be activated with 'E' even when inbound wires are connected

    -wires will sometimes be disconnected or improperly connected after loading a...
  3. 2.1b - bug fix

    Fixed a bug in datawire.lua that prevented data objects from transmitting to multiple recipients. Sorry about that!
  4. Sparkz 2.1: Tile Manipulation!

    I've been working on some tile manipulation objects since the 2.0 release, and the first batch of them is finally ready! Use Layer Swappers, Block Scanners and Block Printers to place and switch blocks! See the video in the description for a demo.
  5. Sparkz 2.0 is here!

    I've finally gotten to a "proper" 2.0 release, with two different versions of the recipes (standard for players who want to use balanced resources to craft with, and creative for players who just want to play around with wires). I've ironed out several bugs and done some initial balancing of Traps, etc. but everything is still beta, so please send me your crash/error logs or balance suggestions. If you build something cool, send me a screenshot + explanation or video link and...
  6. PR5: Comparator and Operator!

    Quickly threw in a Comparator (to see which of two values is greater) and an Operator (perform basic maths) so that there's a bit more use for the numeric stuff.
  7. Added liquid sensor and player.config

    Just a little update, added a new Liquid Sensor based on Synthlight's suggestion (thanks!) and a player.config file for recipe inclusion. Still just using the test recipes though.
  8. Sparkz 2.0 Prerelease now available!

    It's been awhile since my last update, but I've got a ton of stuff that's just about ready for prime time! Check out the updated mod description to see what's new!
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  9. Update to v1.1

    Not a huge update. Added a .modinfo file for Offended Koala compatibility, required Tabula Rasa v1.3, and made the Wiring Station also a wired object with built-in indicator lights.

    I've been working on some more complex items so stay tuned...