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Smart Tubes 1.2.5

The smart way to transfer items around in Starbound

  1. Massive Code Upgrade

    Lots of changes to the internal code, almost all the code has been redone from scratch and has been greatly improved, which should fix a lot of the bugs from the old code.

    New Features:

    IO Conduit, an extraction and insertion conduit all-in-one

    The "!self" macro: specifically used for the IO Conduit, allows transferring items to itself, thus, allowing the IO Conduit to both extract and insert into it's connected containers

    The ^ Operator: Allows transferring items that DONT match the Item or InsertID you specify.

    1. To Transfer All Items Except for Perfectly generic items, you would use "any, ^perfectlygenericitem"
    2. To Transfer To Any InsertID except for "X" then you would use "any, ^X"
    3. If you want your IO Conduit to transfer to any InsertID Except for itself, then you'd use "any,^!self"
    The "Specific" Checkbox: allows for transferring a very specific version of an item
    To Use Specifics you need:
    • The Specific Checkbox checked
    • The Specific item you want in the slot
    • The Item name to match the item in the slot
    Then you can add it to the Configs

    Updated The Graphics for Curved Conduits

    The Facade Wrench Cursor now shows you if you are in Remove Mode

    Added Pink as a new color
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