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[SMAPI] Shop Expander 1.6.0b

Add items to shops, buy in bulk!

  1. EF 2.0 compatibility update

    Just a rebuild for EF 2.0 compatibility - functionality is unchanged.
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  2. Patch for compatibility with newest SMAPI

    This patch has been provided by @Pathoschild, give him some love for it!
  3. Bugfix & New shop

    This fixes a bug where not specifying any conditions at all made the item never show up in the shop, the intended behavior is that no conditions means the item is always shown.

    A new shop called Joja, that lets you edit the JojaMart shop menu has also been added in this update.
  4. Update to SMAPI 1.9

    This version adds SMAPI 1.9 compatibility, thanks @Pathoschild for taking the time to update it for me.
  5. More bug squashing ahoy!

    This small update should fix the issue where items in shops did not have their names displayed properly, also fixed should be issues with handling items that have a stack count of 1, as previously the logic handling these could run into hashValue issues with the stock dictionary.
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  6. fixes and stuffs!

    This update should fix the game crashing when buying items from the shop.
    The names for stackable objects should also have been fixed properly, if not, there is at least more precise logging to tell me why it didn't work.

    As of this version, the casino shop, as owned by `MisterQi` is available for editing by users, please note that any items added to the casino shop will require casino coins to buy, as the currency used for items is controlled on a per-shop basis, and not per-item.
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  7. And the lord said, LET THY BUGS BE SQUASHED!

    Fixes a obvious derp on my part that broke the mod.