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[SMAPI] Furniture Anywhere 1.1.5

Now you can furniturize the world to your hearts content!

  1. Fixing stuffs!

    This fixes some of the many issues that have shown up with furniture anywhere:
    • It should now work for everyone as I fixed the issue many people reported
    • The framework should no longer complain that the type is not being handled properly
    • Furniture rotation now behaves a lot more consistent, as some did not behave properly in the past
    • You can no longer place furniture so it overlaps another bit of furniture
    • Picking furniture back up should now behave a lot more intuitive then it did

    A list of known issues follows:
    • Furniture hitboxes are still not taken into account
      might not be something I can solve but I will keep looking
    • You cannot place things on top of furniture
      I was unable to find a way to make it work without breaking other things, so it might also be something I cant solve, but am still trying
    • Furniture cannot be placed freely and must be placed in range of the farmer
      This is a limitation imposed by stardew that I simply cant fix at all, maybe FarmHand will make it possible, but SMAPI simply cant
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