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[SMAPI] Entoarox Framework 2.4.0

Makes stardew modding easier!

  1. Another fix attempt

    This is another attempt at fixing a rather persistent issue that keeps showing up with the MoreEvents module of the framework...
  2. Fix stuffs

    Stuff broke, this should fix it.
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  3. Bug squashing and feature additions!

    This squashes a bug with boots that can cause saves to crash.

    It also contains a ton of new goodies for mod-creators to play around with!
  4. New shinies and squashed insects!

    Version 1.3 gives us the new MessageBox feature courtesy of @Kithio who was awesome enough to let me include it into EntoFramework directly!
    I've given it some extra work to incorporate it with the rest of the framework, so mods using the EntoFramework version checker will not show up in both the log AND in the game when updates are available!

    This version also for the time being disables the skill experience functionality of the PlayerHelper as it has been causing a...
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  5. Fix skill experience

    This fixes how skill experience is handled to fix a issue where XP was not assigned at all.
  6. Fix in PlayerHelper

    This fixes a issue in the PlayerHelper that had a error thrown in the console if you did not have a food and drink buff, woopsie!
  7. Fix ContentRegistry issue

    This minor update fixes a issue with the ContentRegistry that meant the SMAPI contentManager override was not getting applied when it should be.
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  8. Bug fixes and features!

    Fixed the greenhouse issue, this should now FINALLY work for everyone.

    Also added a ton of new features, including a fancy overlay menu class designed by @Pathoschild who was kind enough to let me include it in the framework.

    This version should also fix the issue some people experience with the sound if the framework is installed, turns out XNA doesnt like me checking for updates on the internet before it has loaded its sounds, go figure microsoft...
  9. Fix ContentRegistry issue

    There was a issue in the ContentRegistry system that messed up the loading of custom tilesheets in AdvancedLocationLoader.
  10. Fix for a issue with the ReflectionHelper that prevented static methods from working

    This caused a ton of issues in the framework and mods that depend on ReflectionHelper for things, so all of these issues should now be fixed.
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