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[SMAPI] Entoarox Framework 2.4.0

Makes stardew modding easier!

  1. New stuffs!

    As of this version EntoFramework contains `TypeRegistry` to let you register new types for serialization, like ContentRegistry, registering your types through EntoFramework should work in both SMAPI and FarmHand, with the framework simply calling the required FarmHand code if FarmHand is used.

    This mod also now has a config file, where you can enable `DebugMode` to get extra console messages helpful in fixing stuff.

    I have also moved my greenhouse and lighting fixes out of AdvancedLocationLoader and into this mod, you can disable them by setting the `GamePatcher` config property to `false`

    There are also a few new helper methods in the Entoarox.Framework.Reflection namespace for those interested.

    Finally, as of this version it is possible for dependent mods to see what version of the Framework is loaded, as there is a new Framework class that has a Version (System.Version) property containing the framework version.

    For people interested how versioning for EntoFramework is handled:
    - Revision is changed when the API remains unchanged
    - Minor is changed when existing API methods remain unchanged, although new ones might be added
    - Major is changed when existing API methods are changed
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