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[SMAPI] Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7

Helps modders modify the in-game locations!

  1. Improving stuff and annoying thieves

    Got notified some thief over at stardewmods.com stole my mod, so since I had some code improvements laying around anyway, I got around to fixing them and thus here is version 1.1.2!

    - Improved custom patch algorithm, slower PC's should notice a decent improvement in the speed a save is loaded.
    - Added a new `ALLRandomMessage` Buildings-tile Action, it randomly shows one of the messages that follow it, with `|` being used to separate the individual messages.
    - Detects if FarmHand is being...
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  2. Fixing a major bug!

    Something went wrong with the registry for the custom content manager, preventing any tilesheets loaded through ALL from working.

    This version fixes that problem.
  3. New major version, tons of new features!

    Warning, this version is NOT compatible with location mods for the 1.0 branch, nor are mods for this version compatible with that!

    Lots of updates and changes, also a lot more protection against things going wrong.
    This version should also make sure that improperly designed location mods that would cause the "day 30" bug are detected and reported properly.
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  4. Really fixed the greenhouse

    Turned out I used the wrong set of coordinates when warping people into the greenhouse, woopsie!

    Also fixed the issue where the ruined message would show up after the greenhouse was repaired.
  5. Fixing some bugs

    This is a bugfix release to adress a issue with minecarts not always working and the greenhouse entrance not being detected properly.