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Slime Race Mod (Outdated) discontinued

No longer being maintained. Please check Hieru's version.


    After a chat with Hieru (who's been way more devoted to this than I have in the past months), I've handed the mod off to her. She'll be taking care of it from now on, but no worries, it won't slow down or anything. In fact, it's progressing faster than before. Please remember to delete the old version from your mod folder, and click here to get the new one:
  2. more things to craft, plus tenant/furniture adjustments

    -modified requirements for slime tenants
    -all slime race mod furniture should now be able to spawn them
    -added recipes for vanilla slime decorations
    -made a special slime EPP
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  3. new slime shield

    A special Slime Shield has been added, but it's hidden like the broadsword and grenade launcher. Play around with stuff and you should find it sooner or later.
  4. minor tweaks

    Mainly just an update to one of Hieru's weapons.

    Also, the mod is now in .pak form, so ditch the old folder. This should help avoid issues from old files if they're ever replaced.
  5. wild shoats, other minor fixes

    Shoats can now be found in underground slime biomes, if nowhere else (Hieru did the work here). Also, slime tenants no longer speak like Fenerox when interacted with.
  6. new hidden weaponry, all slime tendrils★ adjusted

    New this update:

    -two extra weapons, but you'll have to work to find them

    -damage values of all Slime Tendrils★ fixed a bit
  7. updated shoats

    Some tweaks to shoats to give proper harvest, shoat 'gift' egg now stacks, shoat eggs themselves no longer stack
  8. new compost bin, lamp position against left wall fixed

    Hieru's made a new compost bin that speeds up the decomposition process for food items, good for quicker gathering of rotten food for making goo, though it might be useful for other things as well. Keep in mind, it likely won't work with mods that disable food rot.

    Maybe someone can make up a gardening mod that the compost bin works well alongside...? Put rotten food to work more?

    Also, the positioning of a slime...
  9. slime lamp adjustment, upgradeable tier 3 tendrils, +1 body palette

    Hieru sent me new files that allow the slime lamp (not the street lamp) to be placed on any surface, though it looks like it's facing the wrong direction when placed on a left-side wall. That'll get fixed later. I don't see how to do it, myself.

    Also, Hieru guided me through things so that now, tier 3 slime tendrils can be upgraded a final time at the Weapon Upgrade Anvil in an Ancient Vault.

    Lastly, I thought about all these slime objects and threw in one extra palette based off of...
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  10. new furniture, teleporter, tenant adjustment, ice tendrils color fix

    Hieru's created a few more objects for those looking to start up a proper slime colony.

    2 wall beds,
    a normal-sized slime chair,
    a slime sack for storage,
    a thin door,
    two lamps (table and street types),
    and a teleporter.

    Also, the tendrils have been adjusted to cause less lag, "slimenpchuman" tenants now occasionally give you Slime Glob blocks, Slime Blobs, or goo for crafting with the Biochemist Table. Since only slimepeople can regularly make goo, that's a good reason to get into the...
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