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skywind08's Anime Music Pack 2.2

965 Japanese-related songs for your adventuring days.

  1. MAJOR UPDATE!!! + Links

    Hi there... :3

    Finally, after 2-3 weeks I finished updating this mod.
    It was long but worth it, because now there are more songs in the Game section.
    Which lead me to the person who donated his work to this update, Lord Sinclair
    Thanks a lot! for your huge playlist... :3
    - .Hack SIGN - A Kiss
    - .Hack SIGN - Key of the Twilight
    - .Hack SIGN - Silent Life
    - Active Raid - Golden Life
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  2. I did not expect this...

    Hi there, skywind08 here... :3
    with another of my mod update, but this one is a compilation of requests from the discussion thread and a few new ones...
    thanks to Manjaro, Exonar, Dangester, RianmakeR, LvsrsRedDragon, and Nheptos for suggesting some new songs (which is hard to find) to me, because I have added those requests and I am sorry if I can't find all of them. But regardless, enjoy what I find... :3
    And this is my first time having a 4 files in one song, if you want to play it, I...
  3. Back with another 117 ABC files...

    Without further ado...
    Here you go... :3
    - Air - Densho
    - Air - Enishi
    - Air - Esoragoto
    - Air - Hanemizu
    - Air - Kawa (ossia ver.)
    - Air - Kotowari
    - Air - Mizutamari
    - Air - Sousei
    - Air - Tentomushi
    - Air - Yumegatari
    - Ajin - HOW CLOSE YOU ARE
    - Amaama to Inazuma - Harebare Fanfare (TV)
    - Amanchu! - Million Clouds (TV)
    - Angel Beats! - Moment of Rest
    - Angel Beats! - Morning Dreamer
    - Angel Beats! - Unjust Life
    - Ansatsu Kyoshitsu - Odayaka na Asa
    - Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 2nd...
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  4. A little update...

    Now that Starbound 1.0 is out, I have come back to this site to update my mod again. This update is just packing the mod into a .pak file for smaller and easier way, but I will be back for version 2.1 with new songs. So for now, enjoy...
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  5. I'm Back Again...

    Well, as you can see I am back again to give you guys much more anime content to your space adventure.
    This time I made the songs vocal and the bgm separated, because I have been playing with my friends, and playing different sections with different instruments is pretty awesome.
    So, please just comment do you like the separated songs or just joined songs, because your opinion really matters...
    Anyway, here it is... 153 new additions to the mod...
    If you think I miss an OP or an ED of an...
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  6. Lovin' the Winter Update...

    Here you go...
    - Version Upbeat Giraffe, and
    28 NEW Songs:
    - Ao Haru Ride - Episode 8 BGM
    - Date A Live II - Miku's Story
    - Golden Time - Sweet & Sweet Cherry (TV)
    - Golden Time - The World's End (TV)
    - Gundam Build Fighters - Nibun no Ichi (TV)
    - Hanayamata - Hana wa Odore ya Iroha ni Ho (TV)
    - Isshuukan Friends - Kanade
    - Log Horizon - database feat. TAKUMA (10-FEET) (TV)
    - Madoka Magica - Piano Medley
    - Monogatari Series S2 - Ai wo Utae (TV)
    - Monogatari Series S2 - Mousou Express (TV)
  7. I'M BACK!!!

    After 11 months of "Real Life". I'm feeling for another space adventure...
    And for my return, I bring you 40 great songs...

    - Akame ga Kill! - Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta. (TV)
    - Akame ga Kill! - LIAR MASK
    - Akame ga Kill! - Skyreach (TV)
    - Akame ga Kill! - Tsuki Akari (TV)
    - Amagi Brilliant Park - Extra Magic Hour
    - Ao Haru Ride - Sekai wa Koi ni Ochite Iru (TV)
    - Ao no Exorcist - Core Pride
    - Ao no Exorcist - In My World (TV)
    - Black Bullet - Tokohana (TV)
    - Blood Lad - ViViD (TV)
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  8. 20 Songs of the day...

    - Fairy Tail - Be As One
    - Fairy Tail - Breakthrough
    - Fairy Tail - Don't Think, Feel!
    - Fairy Tail - Evidence
    - Fairy Tail - Fiesta
    - Fairy Tail - Hajimari no Sora
    - Fairy Tail - I Wish
    - Fairy Tail - Kimi ga Kureta Mono
    - Fairy Tail - Kono Te Nobashite
    - Fairy Tail - Rockin' Playing Game
    - Fairy Tail - Tenohira
    - Fairy Tail - The Rock City Boy
    - Fairy Tail - We're The Stars
    - Fairy Tail - Yakusoku no Hi
    - Hatsune Miku - 1925
    - Hatsune Miku - Kagerou Days
    - Zan Sayonara Zetsubou...
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  9. More 20 songs and my song is here!!!

    As always, 20 new songs added to the collection...
    Read more in "Information.txt" for more details.

    Finally, after surfing and surfing around the web.. I have found it...
    Just check the main page what is it.

    I have also search some of the requested songs:
    The Touhou requested is apparently unable to be played on Starbound, (I always test all of my songs before I post it) can't find any Katte ni Kaizou,
    and also failed to find other Rune Factory songs, and one Groove Adventure Rave song,...
  10. 20 more and 1 fix

    I added more Fairy Tail songs and some KEY's Jun Maeda songs...
    Fixed K-ON!! - GO! GO! MANIAC, better ABC file

    Read more at "Information.txt"
    Don't forget to Like, Rate, and Review... :up:
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