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Skizot's Dozers 4.2.2

Vehicles of mass destruction :)

  1. SB 1.3 update

    Major Update!

    - fix wheel graphics on minidozer
    - add custom engine sounds
    - add a very unfinished Tunnel borer vehicle based on unused art by skizot (/spawnitem drillercontroller)
    - update vehicle platforms to comply with 1.3 standard
  2. ore dozing fix, whoops!

    i broke ore collection and never noticed :/

    fix - make broken ore tiles actually drop ore and tile
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  3. finally uploaded

    did this a while ago, never uploaded it here or steam

    change - all bulldozed tiles drop now
    fix - controllers activate achievement, now have vehicle portraits

    i got into the energy use stuff right after, leading to a lot of work on xs mechs heh
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  4. Error Fix

    fixes freeze error when vehicles are touched by humanoid mob

    i forgot a set of {}
  5. Error Fix

    fixes error where humanoid mobs would cause vehicles to freeze

    i forgot a set of {}
  6. Cheerful Fixes

    Functionally the same as v3a
    updated Cheerful code so vehhicle doesn't crash when taking damage.
  7. Oops.. i broke em :(

    blade code broke from adding dual version code, fixed
  8. Ye Olde Queste fix ;)

    Quest Hotfix, and mini update
    Dozers now runs on both Glad Giraffe stable and Cheerful Giraffe nightly!

    critical fix - the old quests would cause chars to not load, as reported by @mrmthood
    add - integrated Glad / Cheerful dual version functionality from XS Mechs
    add - health / armor scaling from XSM

    thats it for this time :saywhat:
    (thank you for that error reporting, mrmthood:):up:)
  9. This update 'sucks' o.O

    a punny update title, as you will see :)
    just a couple changes to the dozers this time

    add - Item Vacuum ( JUMP key) - sucks up items at wheel height, then drops near driver for normal item collection to happen - items driver can't pickup are dropped on the tread deck away from vacuum pickup area
    add - Lights! Bright light while driver seat is occupied, dim cab glow when unoccupied.
    change - dig behavior - normally dig blocks until it finds an ore in that type of block, then destroy all...
  10. Welcome to Warp Zone!

    finished the last little bits

    add - warp animations (megadozer warp based on older design - treads and blade do not reflect actual positions)
    change - megadozer tread and blade positions (ofc, after i had made warp anims -.-)
    remove - jump code
    add - destroy plantmatter and bone blocks
    add - store/restore dozer HP between calldowns (if you put it away on fire, it'll still be on fire later)

    various other tweaks ;)

    if you find any more blocks dozers should just destroy, please post in...