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Skizot's Dozers 4.2.2

Vehicles of mass destruction :)

  1. This update 'sucks' o.O

    a punny update title, as you will see :)
    just a couple changes to the dozers this time

    add - Item Vacuum ( JUMP key) - sucks up items at wheel height, then drops near driver for normal item collection to happen - items driver can't pickup are dropped on the tread deck away from vacuum pickup area
    add - Lights! Bright light while driver seat is occupied, dim cab glow when unoccupied.
    change - dig behavior - normally dig blocks until it finds an ore in that type of block, then destroy all blocks of that type afterwards - behaves better with other mods that add custom blocks (ie: FU)
    fix - math derp for tile damage, was doing 80,000 damage per second instead of 20 ... whoops -.- ( (20 / 0.015) * 60 =80000 vs (20 * 0.015) * 60 = 20)

    only thing left to fix (that i can think of) are the offset warp animations - requires tweaking of the png files
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