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Outdated Ship Yard 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)

Block-based space station with docked regular ships.

  1. simulatoralive
    Please Note: There's a newer and more up-to-date Ship Yard spin-off available here, by bk3k. I've basically handed the reins of this project over, so I'd suggest taking a look at the new mod.

    Do you like the ships provided by the developers and think they're beautiful artwork? Have you ever wanted a block-based ship, instead of the ships provided by the developers? Are you having trouble deciding which of these two options to choose from?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then look no further. The Ship Yard mod provides you with both at the same time.

    First, an old close-up on the human ship's airlock. It's largely the same, but the blocks used are now from the lunar base set.
    Ship Yard.jpg

    The following screenshots are from v1.0.1.

    Tier 0 with a Human tour guide:
    Human Tier 0.jpg

    Tier 1 with a Human tour guide:
    Human Tier 1.jpg

    Tier 2 with a Human tour guide:
    Human Tier 2.jpg

    Tiers 3-8 are largely the same, just with the docked ships upgrading like normal, so the next section is from Tier 8 with a human tour guide, showing off the various ships.
    Human Tier 8 (Apex + Avian).jpg

    Human Tier 8 (Floran + Glitch).jpg

    Human Tier 8 (Human + Hylotl).jpg

    Human Tier 8 (Hylotl + Novakid).jpg

    Now for something different. Here;s some screenshots of the Ship Yard cockpits/bridges for the other races.

    Apex Bridge.jpg

    Avian Bridge.jpg

    Floran Bridge.jpg

    Glitch Bridge.jpg

    Hylotl Bridge.jpg

    Novakid Bridge.jpg

    What's This Mod Do?
    The basic idea of this mod is to cut a hole in the cockpit of the default ships to use as an airlock and provide a surrounding docking bay to house them in.

    To start with, you'll find yourself in a corridor that's been violently ripped from a space station. As you progress through the earlier tiers it will be repaired by SAIL.

    At Tier 3 (FTL drive repairs complete) the station will greatly expand to include a series of large docking bays, each with a Tier 3 ship docked inside. On top of this, the space surrounding the station will become available for building in. There's a series of exterior doors on the right hand side to assist in such an endeavor.

    With each additional tier achieved, the docked ships will improve.

    At Tier 8, the entire ship world becomes available to build in (at least 2000x2000, according to the Super Magic Custom Island).

    Existing Characters
    If you want to give an existing character a Ship Yard, try the process described in this post.

    Please note: I have not tested this yet. I'm going to hold off until this mod is much more complete to upgrade my existing characters. When I get to that point, I'll update these instructions.

    Multiplayer Support
    This mod does work in multiplayer, but you must perform ship upgrades in single-player, unless the server has this mod installed, too.

    Failure to heed this warning will result in your ship becoming an unmodded Starbound ship.
    Reporting Bugs
    Please tell me about bugs in this thread.

    Current Limitations and Known Issues
    • Cutting away blocks from the corridors without replacing them will result in them reappearing on the next upgrade of the ship from one tier to another.
      • I'm not sure how to fix this just yet.
    • You cannot build in close proximity to the ship itself. The docking bay exterior marks the limit of where you can build around the ship.
      • The main purpose of this is to prevent you from building something and then have it smashed by the game as the docked ship expands into the empty space.
    • Updating from one tier to another, starting with the update to Tier 3 (FTL repairs) can take more time than one might expect.
      • This is because the ship world is quite large.
    • Loading the ship world takes about 8 seconds on my computer, as compared to about 2 for most other ships.
    • Ship upgrades do not work in multiplayer unless the server has this mod installed.
      • You'll end up with the regular Starbound ship on upgrade.
    Future Plans
    1. Free up the docking bay space around Tier 8 ships for building.
      • I've done some experiments with lower tier ships, just for fun, so it's definitely doable.
      • I'll label this as version 2.0 when I get there.
    2. Add a shuttle bay with 1-2 Tier 3 ships as shuttles for each race.
      • These will be open enough that you can walk on top of the shuttle's hull and build closely around it, if you like.
      • Probably one bay per race.
      • I'll label this as version 3.0 when I get there.
    3. Build an alternate version of the mod that starts you on the ship itself.
      • This should allow seamless upgrades from pre-existing regular ships.
    4. Make all ship furniture 3D printable.
      • Big project, but well worth it.
      • Will probably have to assign some reasonable pixel costs to some of them.
    Special Thanks
    The Super Magic Custom Island mod inspired this one and provided me with the bare bones of a ship mod on which to build. Check it out; it's a cool mod in it's own right.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tmanook
    Version: 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)
    Love being able to use all the ships. Not sure if it is a bug because of the way I unlocked the higher level ships, but there are hidden blocks which get in the way for some ships. Still though, love being able to see them all and use them. Would be interesting if the corridor near each ship was themed, but can see how that would be a lot of work.
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      Far as I can tell, that is an extremely rare bug in the game engine that only seems to pop up when cheat-upgrading a ship. I've never seen it happen with the regular path. I've bumped into a few times in testing this mod. You can work around it by placing and then removing blocks in the offending area, if I remember correctly.
  2. TheGnomeGuardian
    Version: 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)
    A really great mod! I really like the concept, being able to look at all the ships in the game at the same time is neat, and allows me to compare them. I look forward to any and all future development, if any is planned!
  3. lgdzjd
    Version: 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)
    how are you supposed to undock a ship
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      That's not possible. You could tear down the bridge connecting the ship to the Ship Yard, but the ship would still be there.
  4. discotech
    Version: 1.0.1 (Tiny Bug Fix)
    Great, does exactly what it says. Much more efficient and exciting than the original game design for ship upgrades.
  5. haynesy566
    Version: 0.2.1 (Glitchin' Fix(
    Love all the space this mod gives! Can I suggest making the ship yard fully customizeable? I would be awesome to allow the play to also alter the exterior of the shipyard
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      Only tiers 0-2 are limited to a tiny area. You can build in the space all around the Ship Yard at tier 3 and higher. Additionally, you can completely remove the corridors and replace them if you like, even re-arranging the captain's chair, storage locker, etc.. So, I'm not sure what you're talking about.