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Shattered Alchemy! v8.5.5h

Potions, Elixirs, Brews, and more!

  1. Small update

    Just some small changes
  2. Bug fixes!

    • You should now always get the inventory upgrades. Unless a friend gave you theirs, in which case, you're screwed.
    • The Horn of Plenty no longer charges infinitely.
  3. bug fix..

    bug fix..
  4. bug fix

    bug fix
  5. bug fix

    bug fix
  6. Bug fix: herbs

    • Non-Blandfruit herbs are now craftable again.
    The fact that nobody noticed for so long makes me sad ;-; make herbs with 1 seed and an alchemical catalyst. The herb produces more seeds and herbs
  7. Update!

    • Meat Pie rarity changed from Legendary to Epic.
    • Added Spawnable Item Pack support.
    • Changed the rarities of some brews and elixirs.
    • Changed the item icon of the food item bag.
    • Reworked the Horn of Plenty.
    • Bug fix: 'food' category items can go in the Velvet Pouch. Not sure how I didn't notice until now, since every other type of food can fit. :(
    • Earthfruit, Dreamfruit, and Blindfruit use the 'prepared food' category instead of the 'food' category.
    • Changed many item ID's. Don't...
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  8. Bug fixes!

    • Updated all the potion type icons (ie: the orange arrow for strength)
    • Adjusted the position of the aforementioned icons in the tooltip
    • Gave the 'exit' button a border
    • Increased the duration of eight potion effects by a few minutes
    • Using multiple loot bags at once now give different loot
    • Instead of checking if an item is a throwable item, the Wand Holster now checks if an item is a throwable item (tl;dr: Knightfall grenades now work with the Wand Holster)
    • Burning now lasts 6-16...
  9. potionbandolier

    • Blandbushs now have a transparent outline
    • Potion Bandolier is now given properly sorry
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  10. Update!

    • The 5 inventory upgrades can be combined into one item with 5 inventories
    • Each alchemy page item states which page it is (ie: "Page 1/5")
    • Alchemize and the Alchemist's Toolkit are now one-handed
    • Fixed a bug with invisibility potions
    • Spells and scrolls now have a sparkle effect when used
    • Blandfruit and Blandseeds now have herbs and colored names
    • Rewrote the handling of the inventory upgrades to be more efficient
    • Rewrote the handling of pages to be more efficient. You can also...
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