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Sergal Race 2.3b

Adds Sergals into your game.

  1. Fixed objects

    Please accept my apologies, the objects should be fixed now.

    Remember to report any more issues you find!
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  2. Minor update

    -Fixed Nevrean files
    -Object descriptions are fixed, courtesy of Tael3
    -Some recipe typos are fixed, courtesy of Tael3
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  3. Eyes!

    Sergals now have eye colours! Old characters are compatible and will not need to be deleted, but they will also not gain any eye colours. Only new sergals will.

    Pitch black as a body colour has also been removed, as it did not fit with the game's style of graphics. Apologies to anyone using black or grey bodies, as they will be somewhat different now.

    Doors should also be craftable, cannot believe I forgot that!
  4. Ship fixes

    This update should fix most issues with the ships, short of finishing their images (I am not an artist so it is taking me forever to do!)

    Big apology to anyone who suffered from the problem of doors and lights disappearing while you upgrade your ship. This update will not affect your current ship, but it will affect later ones.
  5. Minor update

    Armours now have unique icons, no longer just recolours!
    Default dialogues for non-standard aliens have been added, should prevent crashing or stop sergal from being kill when speaking to sergals!
    Optional AI sprites from older versions now included in an 'alt' folder! Just copy them to the main ai directory if you want o use them.
    I'm afraid I couldn't get unique racial AI dialogue, I have no idea where to look for that.
  6. Tenant fix

    Fixed the converse files! Mistake on my part!
  7. Fullgame Release version

    It's out!
    Some major changes, removal of unused features and additions of others

    Some new furniture,
    Villages no longer spawn, but you can craft all furniture at the Shigu Spawner, which can be built at the furniture table!
    Ships have been redesigned!
    Pricing changes on most furniture!
    Armour can be coloured (though not finished, so can be too bright or not working)!
    And other changes that I cannot remember.

    Please remember to post any and all feedback!
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  8. Update

    -Fixed Tenants and Village npcs
    -New treasureset for Villages, featuring generic sergal weaponry!

    This will require you to find a new village/replant your deeds. Please remember to point out any issues you find.
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  9. Bug Fix

    Fixed tenants
    Most sergal furniture is now 3d-printable, with the exception of very specific pieces (you'll have to find a village for those!)
  10. Glad Giraffe


    Several major fixes, but not much in the way of new content (yet).
    Will require a clean sergal folder (remove previous), and will probably require a new character. Apologies if it does. :(

    Please remember to point out any problems that may occur.

    -Ceramic block/bar cost changes
    -Sergal ship is a bit cleaner in it's upgrading, new lights added and craftable
    -Armour+weapon fixes
    -New objects for purchase at sergal village
    -Some new recipes available
    -Sergal village...
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