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Sergal Race 2.3b

Adds Sergals into your game.

  1. omegadrace
    This mod absolutely requires a character creation extension mod so that you can actually select the race.
    Make sure you don't have a previous version in your mods folder before installing!


    A low-tech challenge race for those who want it.
    As a Sergal, you find your home planet under a nuclear war. Your job, however, is to take part in an exchange program with the Protectorate. So off you go, probably never to return.

    New race.
    New weapons.
    New armours.
    New objects.
    Sergaly examine texts.
    Sergaly conversation texts.
    Custom ship for the Sergals.

    Q.What is a sergal?
    A.Read the link.
    Q.Why low tech?
    A.Sergals are not as intelligent/willing to progress as other races.
    Q.Where is Rain?
    A.This is an alternate future.
    Q.Why do I need ceramic to make armours?!
    A.This is part of the challenge. Ceramite from Vilous is almost as hard (or harder) than steel.
    Q.Where do I make ceramic maker?
    A.It can be found from the furniture crafting table.
    Q.This ceramic is too expensive!
    A.Feel free to share why you think so, balance is priority.

    Just extract into your mods folder.

    Just delete the Sergal folder from your mods folder.



    Mick39 - For the Vilous and it's races
    Mick39 - The first painting and the flag design:
    Qzurr - For the second painting:
    Anonfox123 - For the Shortsword designs
    VeggieSendPie - Helping with the merge-to-patch for v1.6.
    XXBAPGXX - For the tenant files
    Tael3 - For fixing the broken object files and recipe typos for 2.3a
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed objects
  2. Minor update
  3. Eyes!

Recent Reviews

  1. Ruvicken
    Version: 2.3b
    This thing needs updated badly as the things on the wiki have changed, the mod will not work with FU when you have another mod to fix it, the fur patterns needs spruced up a little, and of course, you need custom stuff for the 1.3 Starbound Update, as well as some codex's for the sergal race itself
  2. HeirUberSergal
    Version: 2.3b
    I'm giving this mod four stars where I might normally give it five for a very particular reason.

    First off, I love sergals to death, and this mod does an excellent job of bringing them to life in the Starbound universe. There is so much to love with this mod, Sergals have their own tech tree, their own furniture, their own narration and NPC interactions. There's so much attention to detail here and I cannot praise this mod enough for everything it does right as far as integrating Sergals into STarbound goes.

    However, I feel obligated to offer a legitimate criticism on the one thing this mod does very, very wrong, especially considering the game they're being put into. That, is their starships. Starting at the first tier of ship, everything seems fine, a little unusual but otherwise perfectly acceptable for a beginner starship. The second tier is a little offputting, but is still otherwise acceptable considering how much work was put into every other aspect of the race mod.

    ...then we get to the third ship and things go from otherwise fine and dandy to unacceptably lazy, especially consdiering the amount of work that went into every other aspect of this mod. The third starship variant (tier 5) is literally a vector version of the Mass Effect 3 Phaeston rifle with rooms slapped onto it. WHY? WHY would you cut corners with the space ship? The one thing you do not want to cut corners on in a space exploration game! To make matters worse, in addition to the next two starships being vector versions of other sci-fi weapons (couldn't identify them, but the fact that one of them had a magazine port with a magazine in it and a pistol grip was pretty obvious) the fourth and fifth ships (tier 6-7) were the same exact ships but with different vector art for the exterior.
    In a mod that does so much right, and painstakingly crafts items and furniture and NPC dialogue and observational dialogue for this race, it's extremely disappointing for the starship designs to be handled so lazily.

    I give this mod four stars, because I can look past the lazy design choice for the starships due to how fleshed out everything else in the mod is. When all is said and done, lazy starship design doesn't prevent me from enjoying running around as a sergal and exploring the unknown, even if my starship is a giant vectorized mass effect rifle.
  3. notanaccount2
    Version: 2.3b
    Love me some fluffy sergals
  4. IdkYoulol1
    Version: 2.3b
  5. Blackflagnarwhal
    Version: 1.8b
    Love it, really takes some of the lore of the race and makes it pixelatedly realish.
  6. SiFiGeek36
    Version: 1.8b
    Hey I love this mod and very addicted to the lore of the sergals. I noticed that a lot of Nevrean are located in the villages. Are you planning on making these guys a playable race. That would make this mod even better
    Version: 1.8b
  8. meepcrux
    Version: 1.8b
    all the Merp Snoops
  9. Kyza
    Version: 1.7c
    Wonderful mod. Gotta love them sergals! I also seem to have a strange issue with missions not having icons in SAIL, and the SAIL not having a face while on missions and getting updates. Missions seem to be unable to be completed correctly. Maybe it's just me. Anyways, good stuff, keep it up!
  10. Alichart
    Version: 1.7c
    i really like this mode it is my favorite one ! keep up the good work