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Sandbox 1.5.2

Sanbox turns Starbound into the sandbox game it was always meant to be

  1. 1.5.2 - Racial lore

    - Added a new S.A.I.L intro based on the original Starbound lore to every vanilla race.
    - Replaced the Novakid S.A.I.L portrait with an old version that has a female horse.

    - Added Fall Damage for Supper's Monster Additions mod by Xaliber
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  2. 1.5 - New monster sounds

    I just spent 13 hours straight working on this

    - Added 105 new sound effects for monsters
    - Made Supper's Combat Overhaul a required mod.
    - Patched Supper's Combat Overhaul so that all monsters don't make sounds (to make them less annoying)
    - Improved several monster textures.
    - Added several other features that I can't remember because I didn't write patch notes down while working on this.
  3. 1.4 - New progression system

    - New progression system; start with a broken ship, gather 20 core fragment ore to craft a ship repair kit, repair ship, gather 25 tungsten and 1 diamond to craft FTL Wheel Stablizer to fix the FTL drive.
    - Increased the price for outpost brochure


    1. 1.PNG
    2. 2.PNG
  4. 1.3.2

    One new texture for gleap
    Outpost shops are now impossible to be closed.
  5. 1.3.1 - New updates

    - Framework for procedural monster colors. Poptops now use randomized colors based on biome palettes, support for all of the monsters will be added in the near future.

    - Procedural colors for mother poptop, anglure, bulbop, capricoat and gleap
    - Gleap overhaul: New procedural textures with tons of variety. Gleaps now have different appearances (including blind gleap, wrinkly gleap, spider gleap etc.) and colors. They can now spawn as passive monsters...
  6. 1.1.2 - Bugfixes and monster loot

    Fixed a bug where the Ursa Miner would not sell items.

    Added new drops for monsters.

    Removed the ability to accidentally decline the outpost quest.


    1. update.PNG
  7. 1.1.1 - Hotfix

    Fixed a crash bug.
  8. 1.1 - Bugfixes

    Fixed compatibility issues caused by wicker platform material ID. Removed Pixel Goods Store to increase compatibility, (if you want it you have to download it separately.)