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Outdated RWBYbound - Universe & Weaponry 4.0 Upbeat Giraffe

The weapons of Monty Oum's RWBY

  1. New Weapon, Infrastructure changes and more.

    The entire mod has now been updated to support dropping it into the modfolder and go. It was a long learning curve, but I eventually made it! There's 100% no more need to edit the player config, this build has been tested through and through for items appearing correctly at the crafting station.

    -New Crafting Station - Dust Workshop
    Most important part of this update. Most if not all weapons have now migrated to its own unique crafting station named the Dust Workshop. Here you will be able to craft all the weapons, at the moment it can be created from the wooden crafting table for a placeholder amount of money.

    -New weapon, the Maghild added. (Nora's Hammer)
    Needs some tweaks, was a last minute addition to the build to give you guys a new item to play with.

    -Dust on Planets
    Dust will now be appearing on your worlds. Currently, one type 'Burn Dust' is a yellow-orange material you can use to mine dust. It can be smelted and crafted with, but has very basic function at the moment. In the future Dust will be the main source of crafting these weapons.

    -Ember Celica
    Fixed white spots on the gauntlets, updated the missle projectiles from the weapons. Now they feel much more 'Yang-esque'.

    -Milo (Sword)
    Corrected the Milo sword, now it appears in the crafting table as it should.

    -Mtyrenaster - [Burn]
    New sound added when firing the weapon.

    -Crescent Rose - (Unsheathed)
    Swooshing animation adjusted slightly.
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