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Russian Weapon Pack REDUX 2.5

Weapon Mod

  1. Whitley_Chaperton
    Russian Weapon Pack REDUX
    Report any bug and stay tuned

    !!!MOD IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE MOD "Earth's Battle Heritage"!!!

    Subscribe to my Twitter, where I will post news about my mods, conduct votings and answer your questions :poke:: https://twitter.com/WhitleyChaper

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    All weapons you can buy in the vending machine, which can be created on Inventor's Table for 5000 pixels
    All weapons table you can craft in the Inventor's Table

    Version history:


    Release REDUX-verson

    What's new:

    - Texture all weapons replaced to more clear
    - Changed the texture of the weapon table
    - Changed the texture of the Weapon Store
    - All weapons can be upgraded to "Rare" rank
    - Added modifications to improve weapons
    - All improvements are carried out only on one table, without the need to create a table of higher rank
    - Changed the recipe of the weapon table, now you need more materials to create it

    New weapon:

    - VSS "Vintorez" (+ mod. version)
    - AS "VAL" (+ mod. version)
    - Mosina Nagant (+ mod. version)
    - RPG-7


    - SVD texture changed to higher quality:


    v 2.1
    Weapon damage has been changed to lower to avoid imbalance, the price has also been increased on all weapons.
    Mod translated into English.

    Patch is installed as desired

    v 2.0
    What's new:

    Added weapons table where you can create weapon upgrades, with upgrades to create improved versions of your weapons. The weapon table can be made on a usual drawing table from 8 ingots of iron and 8 ingots of copper.

    Peculiar properties:
    - 4 modification of modules for the available weapons in the mod (except for the new and AK47, the changes will be in the next update)
    - Upgrades for weapons can not be bought from anyone, as well as improved guns, they can only be created.
    - Improved weapons get better.
    - All weapon modifications work and perform their function.
    Alas, remove / put modification is impossible, you can only create a modified weapon. I'll come up with something in the next update.

    New weapon:
    - SVD
    - PPSH 43 .

    - Changes have been made to the damage, prices and energy consumption of all weapons.

    Modules are activated by right-clicking.

    Unzip the archive and copy the file Russian Weapon pack.pack along the way Starbound/mods

    On screenshots:
    - PPSH43 .
    - SVD

    That's all.
    If you like the mod - stay tuned (and they will).

    Weapon visual (v 2.0 - v 2.1): Rhopunzel
    Weapon visual (v 2.5) and other objects in mod: Whitley_Chaperton (Me)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. starbound 2018-12-09 09-29-12-987.jpg
    2. starbound 2018-12-09 09-29-17-094.jpg
    3. starbound 2018-12-09 09-30-10-526.jpg
    4. svd.png
    5. svd.png

Recent Reviews

  1. scips28
    Version: 2.1
    When do we get adidas version?
    1. Whitley_Chaperton
      Author's Response
      Never. This mod is completely ready. The maximum that awaits him in the future - Redux-version
  2. Shock Sphere
    Shock Sphere
    Version: 2.1
    El daño de las armas van acorde con el juego actual. 10/10