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RPG Growth 1.73

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Minor Update 1.41a

    • Mechanics:
      • Specializations: 1 new Specialization!
        • Kunoichi: Female Ninja Specialization
      • Armor:
        • Armor has been changed to work like FU’s Armor: 100 Armor no longer fully nullifies all damage.
        • Because of this, the Armor scales of different items, NPCs, etc. have been changed to work like FU as well. These changes are ripped straight from FU, meaning they will not overwrite anything important.
    • UI:
      • Overview Tab:...
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  2. Small Fix to patch 1.4f

    Adept Unlock no longer re-locks upon init.
  3. Minor Edit to Patch 1.4f

    See, I knew it.

    Someone on the discord noticed that the Crusader's Purity ability wasn't behaving properly. Found out why and fixed the issue.
  4. Patch 1.4f

    With every new patch, I cry a little, hoping that this will truly be the last minor patch to fix silly mistakes. It never is.

    With Patch 1.4f, you can actually unlock Wraith like intended (calculated incorrectly) and use Bows in Classic Mode with every character.

    I have also removed the duplicate projectile I was looking for.
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  5. Patch 1.4e

    I really need some form of quality control, as I keep making silly typos that mess things up. New Wizards may have noticed getting 6 Endurance rather than 6 Vigor. They will now get Vigor like intended.

    In addition, Class Reset Scrolls were bugged in that they removed stats given by Affinities. I have changed this to no longer be the case, as it was previously.

    Players will receive a free Affinity and Class Reset Scroll upon logging in with any character for the first time this patch in...
  6. Patch 1.4d

    In my switch to configs for nearly everything, I accidentally removed the effects of the Affinity Upgrade Chips that removed Affinity weaknesses. This was due to a typo, and has been remedied.
  7. Patch 1.4c

    Removed a typo causing Wraith unlock to crash the lua file.

    Removed excessive log statements in Magic Shield. Magic Shield is currently not working as intended in certain scenarios. Hoping to overhaul it with update 1.41.
  8. Major Update 1.4

    Took me long enough. You'll notice your characters are starting to overflow with power, learning new ways techniques for fighting: these are called Specializations, and will unlock after certain tasks are completed. Currently, there are only 7 Specs available, but I will be adding new ones 1 at a time whenever I have time.

    I've also overhauled the Spira's Damage dealing potential by letting it scale with Vigor.

    Lastly, a lot of text has been overhauled, but there may still be text issues...
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  9. Patch 1.36b - Changed Item IDs

    Changed a whole swath of new, yet unimplemented weapons to have more unique IDs to prevent mod conflicts.
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  10. Patch 1.36 - Stat Changes and More

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