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RPG Growth 1.73

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Quick URL Change

    Realized linking to Github zip directly would be bad for when I push new changes, so I've simply moved back to using Mediafire.

    Updates from now on will be provided as .zip files instead of .pak files.
  2. Major Update 1.6

    Changed Class Quests, improved Class Item and Weapon recipes.
    Added new Enemy Types for use with Class Quests, as well as lore for each one.

    Added new craftable Tungsten Wands.

    Improved some old Class Techs (like Vanish Sphere and Controlled Hover),
    Abilities (Soldier's One-Handed Bonus Damage),
    and Weapons (Aether Tanto, Nova Staff).

    Fixed some bugs and issues.

    Added a toggle-able floating XP Bar.
    Added a shortcut to open the Mysterious Book, as long as you have a Class Tech equipped....
  3. Patch 1.54

    Some minor fixes. Needed for RPG Growth: AI (Currently only on Steam).

    Added Broken Protectorate Wand, Dagger, and Pistol.
  4. Patch 1.53

    Elementress and Hunter can now be equipped.

    Minor bug fixes and additional UI.

    Better Lore toasts.

    Soldier MRE improved. (not in in-game change-log because I forgot about it)
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  5. Quick Fix 1.5-f

    Fixed a Lua crash due to a missing variable declaration.
  6. Major Update 1.5

    Added Skills
    Added Caine's Patron Weapon

    See in-game Changelog for more info.
  7. Minor Patch 1.43b

    QoL, mostly. See in-game for better notes.
  8. 1.43

    Changeling Added
  9. Patch 1.42d Quick Fixes

    Fixed a couple of issues

    Stealth lua no longer causes errors.
    Magic Shield energy regeneration fixed, but also lowered slightly.
    Friendly Entities no longer teleport during stealth.
    Players should be able to unsubscribe after safely quitting with the mod installed.
  10. Quick Fix

    Smith Station should work again.