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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Minor Patch 1.81

    Fixed some issues with Attune.
    Fixed Nomadic Soul's recipe.
    Added XP and other goodies to fishing.
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  2. Update 1.8

    Added three new Specializations (Conquistador, Wanderer, Samurai).
    Fixed long-standing FU mech resistance bug.
    Other bug fixes and UI changes.

    See changelog in-game for more information.
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  3. Patch 1.73

    Minor Bug Fixes.
    Minor Balance Changes.
    Minor Compatibility Updates.
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  4. Patch 1.72

    Fae - a Rogue Specialization - enabled.

    Kunoichi and Pioneer now unlock lore: re-equip them to trigger the unlock requirement.
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  5. Patch 1.71

    Added three specializations: Mechanist, Sage, and Operative.

    Fixed some RPG Weapons, updated some UI to be a bit more descriptive, and made it so that unique RPG Monsters are no longer incompatible with Stardust Lib.
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  6. Update 1.7

    Added 4 Specializations.
    Made some UI changes for better readability.
    Added more people to the credits tab!
    Updated MRE with Rylasasin's compatibility request.
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  7. Quick Fix 1.63-f

    Rogue Specialization progress should no longer stop due to a lua error.
  8. Update 1.63

    Jeweler out.
  9. Minor Patch Fix 1.62-f1

    Elemental Overcharge (Technomancer Tech) no longer keeps Element Resistance when unequipping it while active. The first time you select your character, Magic Shield/Elemental Overcharge will be forcefully deactivated, and the resistances removed.

    Not mentioned in in-game Change-log: Skill Movement Bonuses no longer apply in Spike Sphere to prevent slipperiness.
  10. Patch 1.62

    Dark Templar and Technomancer available.
    Normalized/Reduced Spec Weapon Blueprint Costs.
    Minor Magic Shield Nerf.
    Shadow Step and Translocate now based off of pathfinding instead of line of sight.
    Eclipse Energy Cost increased.