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RPG Growth 1.81

Adds RPG-like growth (stat points and classes) to Starbound

  1. Patch 1.42b

    • Class Balance:
      • Soldier:
        • Versa:
          • Ricochet bullets now only tracks enemies.
        • Tank Sphere:
          • Missile now only tracks enemies.
      • Knight:
        • Vital Aegis:
          • Explosion hitboxes improved.
      • Ninja:
        • Aether:
          • Base DPS of all stages lower drastically to better fit one-handed weapons, and due to the stacking damage.
          • Kunai Damage decreased
          • Kunai now only tracks enemies.
    • Specialization Balance:
      • Adept:
        • Phase Shift:
          • Phase Shift explosive matter now only tracks enemies.
      • Valkyrie:
        • Gungnir
          • Explosion hitbox improved
          • Thrown Gungnir now only tracks enemies
          • After throw, only Y velocity is set to 0.
      • Dragoon:
        • Dragon’s Bane:
          • Holding Primary Fire shoots fire.
          • Hitbox length increased in both directions
      • Crusader:
        • Oathkeeper
          • Explosion hitboxes improved
    • Bug Fixes
      • +1 Stat Scrolls:
        • Now keeps track of how many times you’ve used this, and refunds during Prestige.
        • Not Retroactive!
      • Reset Scrolls:
        • Affinity Reset Scroll now properly removes stats.
        • No way to check if a character has extra stats, unfortunately.
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