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Outdated Rock Block - Standalone 1.0.1 for Enraged Koala

Makes unrefined rocks drop their respective rock blocks. Included in my other mod VitsoU.

  1. Raindrac
    This is a rather small mod directed to builders which makes the different rock types drop their respective block types.

    This mod is included with my other mod, Variety is the spice of the Universe. Don't download both.

    Without this mod, all types of rock drop the same exact type of cobblestone with minor color differences.
    But with this mod, you can now obtain and place all 10 types of rock!
    They were also given names.
    They're probably inaccurate though.. It's hard to tell when they're so pixellated!

    From left to right...
    Conglomerate | Andesite | Gritstone | Gneiss | Mudstone | Gabbro | Dacite | Arkose | Chert | Limestone

    All obtained rocks are initially unrefined, so you can't do much with them but build. If you want to refine them to be able to craft with them, you have to smelt the rocks at a furnace to get cobblestone at a 3:3 ratio.

    Question: What is the point of this mod, anyway? / Why should I install it?
    Answer: The mod is designed for builders or generally anybody who ever wishes they could use all of the unrefined stones.
    There was a topic about this on the forums, actually! Here it is.

    Question: Any plans on expanding the size of this mod?
    Answer: Depends. Have any ideas? There isn't really that much that you can do with raw stone!

    Question: Wait. If you need cobblestone for a furnace, but a furnace for cobblestone...
    Answer: Don't worry! The stone found in forests still drops cobblestone.

    Question: Wouldn't this take up more inventory space?
    Answer: A little, but you can turn it into cobblestone quite quickly at a furnace anyway.

    Step 1: Locating the Starbound folder
    If you already know where Starbound is on your computer, then you can skip this step.
    Starbound can be found at \steam\steamapps\common\starbound.
    If you do not know where the Steam folder is on your computer...
    1. Go to your Steam library and right click on Starbound.
    2. Click properties in the drop-down box.
    3. A window should pop up. Click the local files tab.
    4. Click the "Browse local files" button.
    Step 2: Installing the mod into Starbound
    1. Make sure the zip file you downloaded for the mod is open.
    2. Make sure you're at the Starbound folder.
    3. Drag the "DracY-RockBlock" folder inside the .zip into Starbound's mods folder.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.0.1 for Enraged Koala
  2. 1.0 for Enraged Koala

Recent Reviews

  1. Dzony_B
    Version: 1.0.1 for Enraged Koala
    nice :D
  2. BloodAngelofWar
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    This mod is what I searched for just AWESOME !! cause having just the same boring cobblestone is not Awesome -.-
  3. Kataklistika
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    Exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Salius
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    This mod is a godsend! I really hope this gets implemented in the game, as I HATE how rocks are handled right now. Must. Have. Different. Bricks...
  5. Ixantir
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    Really love this mod
  6. Little Green
    Little Green
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    Finally! A simple mod, that really fixes mining.
  7. ererererer
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    devs should add this to official game , altrough or at least names should be fixed since only they actualy know what they were creating by this or that texture
  8. Shyning
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    A very great idea, I was surprised to see that each kind of dirt drops different dirt, but won't do the same wih rocks. An incredible adition for builders, well done !
  9. Os2023
    Version: 1.0 for Furious Koala
    Great mod!