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Revised Mining Tools 2.2

Returns craftable picks and drills, boosts mining tool stats, and adds new mining tool tiers.

  1. 1.4 Update

    -What was this mod's version of the Laser Mining Tool is now called the Pulse Miner. It behaves exactly as it did before.

    -Removed prism shards from the Pulse Miner's recipe and replaced it with a laser diode (seriously, how did I not have that before?).

    -Changed the Laser Miner's beam range from 20 to 99.

    -Increased Laser Miner's durability to from 750 to 10,000. It won't break at the drop of a hat now.

    -Removed Laser Miner's energy consumption because come on.

    -Added the Laser Miner recipe to the crafting anvil. You craft it exactly how you do the Pulse Miner, plus you can still purchase it with Peacekeeper Credits at their store.
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