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Latest Reviews

  1. unknownUsersName
    Version: Current Version 1.1c
    when i download it it just extract content.pack only
  2. Drakoc
    Version: 2020-08-20
    It is very adorable I love it, especially because it brings together 2 things that I love, deer and seeing insects.
    Besides the mod, do you usually do other pixel arts?
  3. Castelle
    Version: v1.3.8.1
    It's not just a wonderful mod with lots of content but one filled with a lot of love which can be seen from all those little details in it, and it just keep growing with each update. If I were to complain about something, it would be there is no more of this mod to enjoy, which is not exactly a complain. my best regards to the author.
  4. wwwwwrrrre
    Version: Enraged Koala 1.45
    я скачал мод и номогу зайти в игру(
  5. Shadox2.0
    Version: 1.1
    Very nice , i currently work on a coffee related mod and your mod help me in that task. Ofc i'll drop your name when released.
  6. rfelyran1977
    Version: 2.3
    I admit I originally downloaded the mod when it only featured Braixen, and I liked the mod a lot then, but now that Delphox has been added, I like the mod even more.

    That said, I'd like thank you for bringing two of my only favorite Gen 6 Pokemon to Starbound. The mod has easily earned its place as one of my most favorite/frequently used mods.

    If I could give more than five stars to any given review, Braixen Race Fired Up + Delphox would earn an easy 10, or maybe even 100.
  7. Shadox2.0
    Version: v0.5.12
    Very nice , surprised a mod with that amount of content work with my modpack containing ~130 mods.
  8. gonnta12
    Version: 1.0b
    nice!thank you!
  9. Amao_furry
    Version: 1.6.7 Glad Giraffe
    Still CRUSHING!Even I put it in right place!
  10. Tadori
    Version: 2019-07-27
    Thank you for making it! Make the game more fun and rich.

    I currently have a question about portraits. Sometimes I take a portrait with a background. Sometimes I don’t. How can I make the portrait have a background?
  11. Batukahunoncu
    Version: V1.1 (fixed)
    amazing always love mediavel style mods you are my hero man btw are you gonna add more armor and helmets ı really love to see more of your good creation but of course ı know it must be hard take your time it deserves more than 5 star
    1. alexhei1
      Author's Response
      As you might have noticed there are two other helmets, a bascinet and a regular armet, already available but i do plan to add more variations of said helmets and probably a greathelm too. Though it might take a while before I get to those since I have other priorities right now.
      That said, look out for a new update today! It'll add a few weapons for your waist (as back items) those being a rapier, a regular sword and an axe, collars that go well with capes, empty scabbards and a few coifs as well.
  12. DiegoMore
    Version: Beta
    Is a good mod.
  13. Batukahunoncu
    Version: 4.9.4
    great mod from great person
    1. DrPvtSkittles
  14. hamax2468
    Version: 2.0.1
    absolutely love the mod but i have to ask, is this still in development and if you do respond id like it if you can link me a simple list of all the item id's within the mod to make obtaining some items a bit easier (specifically unobtainable items like the ship door (or at least it seems unobtainable)) anyways hope this mod ends up finishing and i look forward to a response.