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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Dilrax; Official Year 1 Mod Notice - Discontinued



    [​IMG] Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy. "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"
    RenTek; Reni's Armoury Dilrax; Official Year 1 Mod Notice - Discontinued

    RenTek; Reni's Armoury: Official Year 1 Mod Notice - Discontinued
    Oh do i hate being the news bearer of bad news... never been good at it because i some how appear cheery and sarcastic from time to time... always good to stay positive even when sad right? anyhow i have some absolutely horrible news... kinda...

    First of all, i want to thank everyone who has supported us and this mod along the way and an extra thank you for all the words of praise we have received, never thought we would gain a fan base, if you get the idea, haha, hell even now im still getting a few messages from people and other mod makers... good thing my fur doesn't display red very well, hahaha so thank you to all!

    and onto the bad news... sadly

    a while ago some of you had noticed the title change to read "Discontinued"... YES this is true, we just plain suck at bringing some of our ideas to life as we struggled to wrap our brains around mechanics, some people are just absolute wizards, us... still amateurs at it, though we don't mind, we got this far right? good enough for us, haha, anyhow there will be no further updates or fixes for this year 1 mod of ours, and Reni has yet to decide on a year 2 version, where we would start from scratch with hopefully a cleaner mod folder... he doesn't know if he would do a second one so hes just going to maybe think about it... what about me?... iv already made up my mind about this, thus the Official Discontinued Notice >this< now for "Reni's Armory"... a week or so later.

    now i do know some of you have been thinking; "the mods finished, over and done with, right? we can use your resources?" to answer this... no, were sorry but you may not even if *This* mod is Discontinued and we say this with good reason mind you... i know i know, you love our equipment or don't want to see it go, we don't mind people asking this as we've had a few people asking for permission to use our mods resources, which we have declined each time and will be doing so, sorry guys, it sucks we know, how ever should anyone have any of our content worked into their own mod that's currently up to date with out having asked us first, regardless if it would be declined anyway, we wont hesitate to request its immediate removal, it stings... i know, but the reason behind it is because...

    *Reni's Armoury* as sad as it is has ended... but that doesn't mean the end of a good thing... oh no not even close, a few people have been thinking it, and there are clues scattered about in current posts... notice any in the above? yes? no? but why clues? well its because we like secrets... well i like secrets more then reni but... it kinda makes things more engaging... well im trying atleast, +1point for trying, hahaha, anywho i thought i might share one secret with you all as a temporary "Thanks for being an absolute badass of a supporter" thank you, so without further adieu i will now shut up and let you Click the Spoiler Below and then once again put a voice in your head through the power of text...

    RenTek; Project Armory, Official Year 2 Mod Announcement

    WHOA WHOA WHOA... HOLD ON A MINUTE!!! WHAT IS THIS!? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? *Sarcastically Flails Arms Randomly in all Directions in Confusion and Excitement at the same time for Entertainment Reasons*

    *ahem* so... what is *IT*? Exactly as it says... a Second Part of the RenTek Corporation's Armory/Mod Revival, Call it... the beginning of ahhh... oh i dont know... "Trilogy"? ... "Expansion"?... "Something!"?... i... i don't really know yet... but what i do know is that this will be the Year 2 Version, starbound has had a few title updates, even going so far as to changing the coding formats which really wasn't helpful, but we stuck with it and followed it along, so it was probably time to take a step forward, instead of just updating how about remaking and adding a new style... so what does "PROJECT ARMOURY" actually do? it Rewrites the Previous Year 1 Reni's Armory with new styles with new items added, simpler sprite designs but hopefully still of a high quality and fit more into the game, also with more colours.

    but how does the previous stuff fit in? well im tossing it all mostly out the window and rewriting it all, some of the things you love will remain, others will change, you might like them or you might not, who knows...

    So over the past week and a little longer, i thought i would take it in a different direction first and make it a little more unique... i mean the standard crafting windows are nice and all but were talking about holographic windows, physical digital construction, Printing and Synthesizing equipment here with futuristic spacey alien-ish machines with what... a generic computer-ish screen window... it can use a make over... but why stop at just one? how about two? unique custom fitted windows for two different terminals... yup now were talking unique High-Tec looking spacey alien-ish future machines.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    but dont you think looking at them here is a bit... blan looking? i mean they look awesome enough but they could really look even more awesome ingame if they were working... its do-able right? just edit formats and such... throw a few items in there repeatedly test until perfect... or near enough in game... well its already been thought of... along with Header's and Footers too :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    the Gallery could still use a bit of work but it new and improved, offering short Descriptions, background Information, Item Lore and even info on added Mechanics... what you didn't notice the "RenTek PlaceHolder Icon" item in the list? well then... its name says it all, its my version of the Vanilla "Generic Green Cube" but as a usable item for when waiting on a missing sprite, and sure enough some of you with your eagle eyes, more so the humans present, have probably scanned over this looking for secrets or extras such as spoilers... so to derail the train i will leave you all with one last secret based only on what's currently available to be seen.
    still a few minor modifications to be made and some weapons will have new names and may act differently.

    when its ready for proper testing i'll look at putting a version up for some feedback.

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