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RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. 1 Special thanks a few minor changes and a guide.




    [​IMG] Version 1.4.1, Upbeat Giraffe: 1 Special thanks a few minor changes and a guide.

    be sure to Please remove the Previous Versions of this mod before updating.
    and im back again! got caught up with family, you know how it is when its your birthday... anyhow...

    there are a few minor changes, ones that wont be noticeable much, a major noticeable change is the mods overall file size and audio quality which is alot better then it was when... we first started, this is all thanks to MrChow, we also left a shout out for ya MrChow on the overview page which will be there for a long time.

    in other News for a few people unaware, also on the overview page, there is a video guide on getting started with the mod.

    this is just a quick update so there's not alot to say, except thanks to MrChow
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