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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Dilrax; PSA #4? - The 'Git Good' Update.

    Character artwork by: Zancuno


    Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"

    RenTek; [Delta] Armoury Evolved
    Dilrax: PSA - 'Git Good' Update.

    If you Don't Git then you better Git Good on Github...
    yes.. this PSA is all about Github... mostly... just thought i would inform you all of a couple things, Clear up some other things and then move on to previously mentioned details...

    First thing on Today's PSA Agenda:
    • Downloads
    - I don't know why, but this... Petty Thing bothers me, somewhat... -
    Is it just me and that i don't make things visibly clear enough or... do people not read? kinda make me wonder about the point of putting the time into writing these updates and Announcements at all... i know its a Pretty small and Petty thing to find even remotely annoying in the slightest, but it kinda bothers me when i clearly or hopeful had clearly stated *there was no Current version to be downloaded and that any previous download (if found posted somewhere by me) was broken and would not work with current starbound*, and yet... i still get messages of people reporting game crash's on start up and how the mod isn't working after downloading a copy from somewhere... come on guys, use your brains a little and read the notes i put out, i will admit though i may or may not have removed the Wix page's old download links prior to, how ever this issue is resolved, but on that note, if you encounter an error on the Wix page please make a note of the Error code that it gives and Run those numbers through a Hexadecimal Translator and you should have an answer as to what the problem is.

    i will also be redirecting people who report errors to me to this PSA and the post below, iv already explained things.

    • GitHub - The [Delta] Project
    - this should make things easier, Emphasis on "Should" and "Easier" -
    iv uploaded the first copy of the [Delta] Project to github, the "[Delta]" project is the mods Revival and Reboot Version Name, the Tag will be removed when the mod's version leaves the Alpha build stage, this stage is the incomplete point of the mod where its broken up in to separate sections and does not contain all known and created files.

    the first version of this Stage contains the Race files for "the Dire" and includes the Playable Race's Ship Files, the Player Ship can only be upgraded to the Teir5 point before... things get messy and weird as the stages after return it to the human layout which causes visual issues... this will be sorted out at some point when the later version of the ship are built.

    [Delta] Project Source:
    currently the only viable source is located on the Github.com page at: Dilrax/RenTek-Delta-Armoury, click the underline for link, while it is open to all, how ever This is constantly being tweaked and edited, i will not post an announcement for minor changes unless there are alot of changes or big changes. only Permitted/registered Contributors may add, edit and contribute to the resource and help with its development, how ever their is a Prerequisite for being accepted as a contributor, The Applicant must know, have Experience or beable to offer help with one of the Following area's:

    - Knows their way around Starbounds resource's and Log file well enough to troubleshoot issues.
    - Has used/Experiance with Tiled.
    - May beable to help with Sprites.
    - Knows some amount of JSON.
    - Knows some amount of LUA Scripting.
    - As a Ingame Tester Will provide useful feedback and info while testing/looking for bugs and other issues.

    Applicants can Send me a Private Message, with their GitHub Name and Reason for wanting to Contribute to the mod as well as what they can do to help out, Applicants must also agree to not Distribute unfinished RT-Armoury files outside of those accepted as part of the GitHub Collaboration group, all final branch edits are to be cleared by me before being merged into the Master Branch.
    i'll continue doing what i can in the mean time, but if anyone has and inquiry's or general questions im more then happy to answer them here.

    ------- Regards
    ------------ Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    --------------------- Dilrax Stormpaw.
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