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Recipe Reorganization 1.1 (PG)

Shifts around, adds and edits recipes for logics sake.

  1. Mackinz
    Recipe Reorganization - Sandstone Furniture Recipes - Tiered Alloy Recipe Changes

    I decided to make this mod after seeing just how over-crowded the UIs for the Wooden Crafting Table, Iron Crafting Table and Robotic Crafting Table get as your progress through the game. Several recipes which logically belong in the Iron Anvil, Metalwork Station, and Replicator were being crafted in the aforementioned crafting stations. Since Chucklefish decided to tier these recipes, I did so as well.

    For example, it moves the following recipes from the Wooden Crafting Table to the Iron Anvil:

    • Copper Box
    • Copper Ceiling Light
    • Copper Fence
    • Copper Gear Block
    • Copper Oil Lantern
    • Copper Platform
    • Copper Roofing
    • Copper Support
    • Copper Wall Shelf
    • Copper Window
    • Heavy Pipe
    • Iron Bed
    • Iron Chair
    • Iron Door
    • Iron Lantern
    • Iron Lever
    • Iron Table

    It also does the same for several other blocks and objects made with Silver, Gold, Steel, Titanium and Durasteel.

    In addition to the aforementioned sorting, I also decided to add a bit more significance to the mod by adding recipes for the Sandstone Brick block and Sandstone set of objects, and ways to obtain said recipes. Like other "themed" furniture, you can find the recipes randomly in chests on appropriate planet - on Deserts in this case. Sandstone Brick is already automatically learned on pick-up of Sandstone. All of the recipes are the same as in Spirited Giraffe - Sandstone Brick is the necessary material, along with Leather for the bed and a Torch for the torch.

    And there is one more feature which I felt needed inclusion in this mod: alloy smelting recipes. In vanilla, Steel was changed to require Iron and Copper, Durasteel was changed to require Titanium and Silver, and Impervium, etc. were changed to require Violium, etc. and Gold. I really didn't like the change, so I made my own recipes:

    • Steel Bars are now crafted with one Iron Bar and two Coal Ore
    • Durasteel Bars are now crafted with one Titanium Bar, one Steel Bar, and one Coal Ore (Two Durasteel Bars are produced per recipe)
    • Impervium/Ferozium/Cerulium Compounds are now crafted with Refined Violium/Aegisalt/Rubium, three Core Fragment Ore, and one Metal-Coated Wood (from Rust mini-biomes on Volcanic and Dead worlds - two Compounds are produced per recipe)
    For now, that is all I plan to do with this mod. However, I may end up adding additional recipes if I find any that I disagree with.


    Installation is simple - Like any other mod, drag the mod folder into your \starbound\giraffe_storage\mods\ folder such that the modinfo file for this mod is found in \starbound\giraffe_storage\mods\*mod folder*\*mod name*.modinfo

    Installing mods is extremely easy. Just pay attention to the above line and you'll install a mod correctly every time.

    Thanks to @SilverLancer for being a springboard for recipe ideas!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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Recent Reviews

  1. The Flying Democrab
    The Flying Democrab
    Version: 1.0 (PG)
    This mod is a lifesaver; I couldn't find any Oil in my system, so I was stuck forever as I couldn't make Steel. Bad thing is, I hate the Core Fragments a lot (I used a mod just to get the first 20). I liked the furniture tweak, it gave the anvils another use apart from equipment, Picks and Drills.

    Nice work!
  2. Dr Klukoff
    Dr Klukoff
    Version: 1.0 (PG)
    Does what it says on the box with no issues encountered thus far. I'm very thankful for the metal recipe tweaks. Just using this along with ezglass to tweak a few of the recipes to be more sensible. I've seen mention of a few other mods with similar features, but this one is more bare bones, so it functions much better when that's the only thing you want changed.

    @Top tier alloys, given that some previous versions required radioactive elements in the mix, I wonder if it wouldn't hurt to add in a spot of plutonium to the required recipe just to keep the trend alive.
  3. SilverLancer
    Version: 1.0 (PG)
    1/10 Didn't even credit me for some ideas

    Thanks Mackinz this helps me wean off some less desirable mods
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      In my defense, I didn't know your forum username. :)

      Credit added!