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Ragnarok Online Hats (Content Patcher + Json Assets) 1.0.2

Set of hats designed after popular hats from the Ragnarok Online MMORPG.

  1. Content Patcher - Update 1.0.2

    • (CP) Moved hats back to original positions.
    • (CP) Fixed hats to not force a hairstyle change.
    • (CP) Divided hats into separate image files.
    • (JA) Updated manifest to prevent SMAPI suggesting to update.
    If a hairstyle change is being forced in 1.0.2, or if some hats are not the same appearance as they used to be after a file update, spawn a new version of the hat, either by re-purchasing it at the Hat Mouse shop or using...
  2. Json Assets 1.2+ pack added

    New file added to include pack for Json Assets 1.2+.
    • Adds hats, instead of replacing vanilla hats, to the Hat Mouse shop.
    • Also addresses issues with hairstyles that are not considered "hat-friendly" by vanilla mechanics.
  3. Config + Rearranged Hats

    • Fixed config to properly enable/disable individual hats.
    • Rearranged some hats to better avoid vanilla hat mechanics that force "hat-friendly" hairstyles.