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RadioactiveMetals 1.4 (PG)

Your daily dose of Vitamins α, β, and γ

  1. Glowing Ores

    I've been sitting on this update for a while, without a good reason beyond "I'm busy". I figured it was about time I posted it.

    What does Radioactive Metals add now?

    Glowing ores!

    Sadly, not even the Dovahpreen could withstand all that radiation.
    Plutonium, Uranium and Solarium ores all glow with powerful radiation when found in the world. Plutonium glows much like the Erchius around it, Uranium green, and Solarium like a yellow sun. Might want to be careful, when you look around for them now! Or, considering that they glow now, less careful as you can see where you need to go to obtain them!

    Whatever you do, have fun!

    Also, the download is now a Modpack for easier installation.
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