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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.4.0

Bringing back your forgotten favorites from starbound's alpha!

  1. V2.4.0

    NEW IN V 2.4.0

    Now when crafting a weapon, you will learn all other melee/ranged weapons from that tier,
    instead of previously only learning the next upgrade for that specific weapon type.

    TLDR: Craft T4 Axe, Unlock T4 Melee for that race.

    Created by Zanderfel many years ago, these exclusive weapons finally make their debut in RWM 2.4!
    Kindly, I was given right to use, modify, and release these weapons so here they finally are!

    A unique saber, originally created by Zanderfel and recreated by me.
    I did my best to recreate his work which had since been lost to time.
    This cool new weapon can be found in the Token Store!

    When Weapons are Rerolled at either the randomizer or upgrader, they will now reroll weapon stats as well.
    (this is not the ideal system, ideally I would like the ability to reroll elemental, alt, and stats seperately,
    but with my current knowledge, this is the solution I arrived at...)

    Rerolled stats will generally be the same or better than the non-rand version.

    - Novakid Revolvers / Rifles ( FIRE RATE, DPS, RECOIL, AND ENERGY USAGE )
    - All Races - Melee Weapons ( FIRE RATE, DPS )


    - Weapon Damage Decreased for Tiers 7-10 for better balancing.

    I found the old DPS too be a bit OP, at least with max armor, so I nerfed it slightly.
    Instead of DPS scaling by a scale of .5 every two tiers, weapons now scale solely based on level past tier 6.
    Seeing as that Starbound's vanilla difficulty caps out at lvl 6-7, I've removed the bonus DMG after lvl 6.
    Some mods do go above tier 6 difficulty, however the weapons should still prove to be competitive without feeling (as) cheaty.

    This change will not affect owned random weapons, but will inject the new lower values once rerolled.

    - Axe Damage Increased
    This is the one weapon that for some reason had low values compared to vanilla T6 - that has been fixed.

    - RWM Token Crafting Recipe Adjusted From 6 -> 4 Shards
    Due to increased usage cases, and demand for tokens with this update, the previous requirements have been restored.

    - RWM Randomizer Unlocked Immediately
    The only limitation now is the 8 durasteel bars it takes to craft.
    Using the Randomizer on low tier weapons will still give equivalent or improved stats.

    - RWM MEGA Token Recipe Cost Increased From 4 Tokens -> 10 Tokens
    Seeing as that MEGA Token items are designed to be special, powerful, and unique, their cost is now higher.
    This now places a single token equivalent to 40 shards, which would take a while to collect or buy tokens as is the desired effect.

    - RWM Upgrader Recipe Adjusted
    Adjusted to include RWM Token

    - Token Fragments Drop Rate Decreased From 0.4 -> 0.3 in chest treasure pools.
    - Token Fragment Drop Rate Decreased From 0.35 -> 0.3 and 0.45 -> 0.4 in monster treasure pools.
    - Token Fragment Drop Rate Decreased From 0.3 -> 0.25 in capsule pod treasure pools.


    - SAIL Dialogs Updated to Reflect Object Name Changes
    - Major File overhaul
    - Removed a ton of unnecessary files and recipe links
    - Corrected Minor Text/Grammar Issues
    - Added Tooltip/Text to RWM Crafter Desc.

    - Removed RWM UPGRADER, RANDOMIZER, AND MEGAMART from Inventor's Table
    (reduces clutter)
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