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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.4.0

Bringing back your forgotten favorites from starbound's alpha!

  1. RWM V2.2.0

    NEW IN V 2.2.0


    - New and Improved Progression/Reward System!

    Upgrading weapons with pixels? Kinda lame...
    Upgrading weapons with tokens which can be found, crafted, or bought? Yes please!

    The new progression system uses tokens for upgrades and randomizations of weapons.
    Simply place a weapon and a token in the provided slots, and boom! New weapon!

    Tokens can be acquired in the following ways!
    - Killing Monsters (Token Fragments)
    - Found in High Grade Chests (RWM Token / Token Fragments)
    - Crafted (4 Fragments = 1 Token)
    - Bought (RWM MegaMart/TerraMart - 2500 pixels)

    Pay pixels no more! Do what you want, and be rewarded!

    - Over 1440 New Recipes Added for Upgrading and Randomizing Weapons!
    - New Crafting UI!
    - New Item - Reroll Token
    - New Item - Reroll Token Fragments
    - Monster/Chest Treasure Pools Patches


    - Added Misc Section to RWM Crafting Table ( Craft RWM Tokens There)
    - Fixed Racial Crafting Table UI
    - Added New UI to Support New Upgrade System
    - Starter Weapons Added to TerraMart
    - RWM Vending Added to Default Blueprints
    - Weapon Upgrader Animation Frames
    - Removed Duplicate / Unnecessary Recipes
    - Code Cleanup
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