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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.5.3!

Bringing back the forgotten weapons of starbound's alpha!

  1. Racial Weapon MegaMod V 2.1.0

    NEW IN V 2.1.0


    - Support/Hotfix Compatibility for Melee Aiming
    - Melee Weapon Glow
    - Melee Weapon Native Fullbright (No More Dependency)
    - Melee Particle FX
    - Swoosh Positioning Fix (Broadswords)
    - Slight Art Asset Fixes
    - RWM Upgrader Glow
    - RWM MegaMart Glow
    - RWM MegaMart name, description updates
    - RWM Upgrader Flame Animation Tweak (Additional Animation Frame/Tweaks) - Now Less Annoying!

    Hundreds of new files, and hundreds of files have been adjusted to remove
    dependency on Futara's Shader for fullbright functionality.

    Along the way I also added some additional polish and visual FX.
    I also corrected some minor visual discrepancies I noticed along the way.

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