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Project Redemption 9.7

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Lore update part 1

    update 7.0, the Lore update (part 1):

    welp, this one took me a little bit to push out, and I ended up having to cut some stuff for a part 2 to this update since this mod has recently surpassed 20k subs! In addition to a bunch of content I had planned for some time, this has a bit of a bonus update merged into it, thank you all for the subs!

    +dialogue for friendly deadbeat npcs
    +two new fossils
    +a USCM riot shield with a built in flashlight
    +a new wand, the ancient scepter
    +three codices for the novakid
    +2 bonus codices regarding the Avians and Apex
    +on duty peacekeepers, they basically act just like the space police mod's space police but more lore friendly
    +the guardian's shield, an item I added to celebrate 20k+ subs! You can obtain it from a quest the guy hiding under the outpost will have so long as you've beaten the glitch mission.

    *streamlined how the recipe for protector's armor is obtained and tied it more heavily to repairing both the broken broadsword and damaged sidearm
    *added an addendum to the Hylotl Imperial Authority codex
    *plenty of minor tweaks I've probably forgotten about
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