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Outdated Powerful Hats 1.15

Now there's a reason to hoard vanity items!

  1. Sub-mod updated

    The "Hats Instead of Money" sub-mod has been updated for compatibility with the recent update.
  2. 10 More Enchantments and a Sub-Mod

    - Custom buffs "horsey" and "shark" have been relabeled as "super speed" and "super rage" so they make more sense when added to other hats.
    - 10 More Hats have been given enchanted:
    Cardboard Hobo Hat = Rage, speed boost and nude.
    Cyclops Yeti Mask + Gladiator Helmet = Rage.
    Frost Crown = Rage and MaxEnergy + 220.
    Pilot Goggles = Antigravity and jumpboost.
    Skull Mask = Super Rage...