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Portable Outpost (Quest Console) 1.9.1 for Starbound 1.4

Access Outpost quests, shops and services from your ship/base!

  1. The Portable Outpost Overhaul

    Hey Starbounders!

    The quest console mod helped so many people, but it did not remove the need to visit the lag-ridden outpost altogether. But now it does! Now to be known as the Portable Outpost mod, this update brings all* the outpost shops and services onto your ship or base to be accessed at any time. It also provides a better way to obtain the Quest Console and outpost services. So here is the full changelog:

    - Added Terracart
    The Terramart has come to a system near you, adding a placable version for your ship or base. While the Ore Merchant couldn't tag along, he now stocks all his valuable ores to the Terracart.

    - Added Infinity Vending Machine
    Wouldn't it be cool If all the snacks, drinks and resources sold at the Infinity Express could be stocked in one vending machine? Well, now they are! Pick one up today!

    - Added Shady Crates and Penguin Pete's Vehicle Stash
    The Penguin Bay is looking to get rid of their wares quickly, even if that means coming to you.

    - Made the Rob Repairo Robot Obtainable
    Now you can have your very own little Repairo robot! Aw, how cute!
    "Hey, I'm not cute!" - Rob

    - Added Teleexpress
    Need to get from A to B without all that pesky outpost lag? Now you can. Purchase your teleporters from the comfort of your own home!

    - Added Frögg Home Delivery
    The frog merchant is definitely climbing up the corporate ladder! Starting off as a street merchant, to owning his own store, and now he even delivers furniture...

    - New method of obtaining the Console
    Two new tutorial quests have been added to the game to walk you through obtaining and using the Quest Console.

    - Under the hood changes, polish etc.

    Well that's it! The scope of the mod has vastly increased, and almost completely eliminates the need to visit the outpost. I hope you enjoy the update and be sure to leave feedback in the reviews. Just remember, if you find any bugs/issues with the mod please post in the discussion for troubleshooting before leaving a bad review.

    Thanks for the continued support of this mod, and with a massive Story Update in the near future I will probably be giving the mod another overhaul.

    - themrpiggy22
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